The little girl on the road (cannibals?????)

She’s been walked down a deserted road and she is screaming.

I mean SCREAMING. Her little body racked with pain.

She has been brutalized physically. Hit, kicked, pushed, punched.

About 2yrs old. She’s in white and pink pj set. It’s white with pink tiny flowers I think.

This man is yelling at her. HE HATES this child. It’s demonic this hate for this screaming child. He’s itching to kill it.

This man grew up a victim turned attacker. I think he’s an abducted child who now works for them.

His mind is fucked. He’s like an attack dog ready to rip this kids throat out.

And this poor little baby knows she’s going to die in the most painful way.

She’s in pain and she’s walking to her doom too slow and I’m telling you this as I see it by the way but I can’t stop crying to type.

He’s pushing her to hurry up. He wants to get back to drugs and fucking. He’s aroused at the thought it’s like…..his mind just isn’t functioning on a human level anymore. It’s animalistic. I think she’s a native or Latina child.

He’s pushed her so hard she’s fallen down. She’s hit her face and cut her lip open.

He’s laughing and telling her to get up but she’s crying, her heart is pounding so hard and she is thinking “just get this over with”.

He grabs her by the hair to stand up with such rage and strength he’s scalped a part of her hair.

He’s provoking screams from her so he has an excuse to hurt her.

She’s hysterical crying and so confused. But she puts her face in her hands, pain ripping through her body and he’s laughing because he has a chunk of her beautiful bloodied brown hair in his hands.

Then he’s had enough.

So he’s stomped on her head.

And he’s jumped on her head.

Until she stopped.

He’s realized he’s killed her. He’s panicking because now he’s in trouble.

He tosses her body like garbage in the grass trying to cover the blood on the ground with dirt and he’s fixing to run.

His mind is so fucked he’ll kill himself with his own paranoia and wind up dead in a hotel from an overdose. Not because he killed a child but because he didn’t want to get into trouble with his Master.

She’s told me everything. And no-one will ever know who she was because she’s just a Baby Doe.

I’m done………this is just too much for me.

What the hell is West Virginia in all of this?

Also can anyone tell me if any of the elites have a connection to meat or processed meat factories please.

In plain sight remember.

I think it’s why some people are never found.

I think it’s a ritual thing. It’s what Dahmer was trying to do, what my Maori ancestors did.

But it can be used to gain strength and take strength depending on if the flesh is fed willingly or not.

There’s a balance in the occult too.

Can anyone find out? Processed meats like Spam, Frankfurters, Hamburger, Microwave meals, Sausage etc…. frozen, microwave, oven, fast food, tinned, packaged meat. That sort of thing.

If anyone knows of a case of a little girl found in long grass off a dirt road in PJ’s, around 2yrs old, native looking, head injuries, can you let me know

I think she has healed fractures, broken jaw, head injuries.

Around the lower area’s of America. The Virginia’s, NC, etc…that kind of area but maybe Georgia, Tennessee area as well.

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