To my Fight Club

As we are at the dawn of a new era I wanted to say here and now that I stand behind you as you fight to liberate this planet of evil.

In something that sounds like the rousing speech before a general leads his men into historic battle I too want to offer you some words of encouragement and words of wisdom from the one who knows where this is headed.

If our freedom comes at a cost to your life or freedom you will not be forgotten.

If your doing this at a personal loss to you both in finances and in safety I want you to know this battle while hard fought will be hard won and equally deserving.

Truth is your sword and honour is your shield.

What you do, no matter the medium will have an impact upon this world that have devastating consequences for the darkness while changing the course of history in a way no civilisation before us will have ever known.

Darkness has been histories for far too long and you, my brave Knights are riding into a crusade with the light as your armour.

My soldiers, my marines, my coast guard’s, seamen and airmen, my paramedics, my PD, my waiters and PAs, my nurses and teachers, my check out operator and gardener.

I have seen the good you do. This is it. Serving past or present, your American pride, your patriotic duty, your dedication to your Pledge, the honour you carry for your flag, for truth, justice and The American way is now being called into play.

Be just, be fair and go get them babies and bring them home.

Let’s start fixing what we all allowed to break.

Never again will we allow ourselves to become so willing to be blind we gouge our own eyes out with the spoon we are handed.

Just please remember, there are innocent people caught up in all of this so you must use logic over action and calm over reaction.

The more brutal we are the more we become like them.

People are afraid. People feel the danger around the watering hole.

People are looking for answers and it is you my fight club that brings the truth to the unwilling ears of those too blind to see the truth.

We must all put our differences aside and link together because we are only as strong as our weakest link and things like prejudices, politics and religion are the weakest links of all because they divide us. Anything that doesn’t link us divides us and divided we are diverted to everything other than the truth and the truth of the matter is it’s we’re being slaughtered like cattle. They’re taking our babies, they’re sending out deprived sick people into this world who are damaging our souls and destroying the very fabric of what makes us civilized human beings. In the name of politics, business, religion and patriotism. The very things we stand for are the things they crush in us or deprive us from.

Our beliefs and faiths in whatever they may be are being turned into something to fear. Our very sophisticated and diverse forms of communication are being raped and slaughtered to suit an ideal that is spreading the darkness faster than they the evil individual could ever do because we’re buying into the darkness. It feeds off fear and gains strength from invitation only. We allowed it so we invited it in.

When you pray, you pray to THEIR god not yours. Who is your God to YOU? Not the God your taught to believe but the one you know who lives in your heart. That is who should matter right now.

When you vote, vote for the one you believe will make the biggest difference to YOU.

Your not responsible for the actions or words of another unless what YOU say or do is done with that intention. But take responsibility for what happens next.

If you approach a cut with vinegar don’t get upset if you wince for making it sting.

There’s always a better way to get the desired result without it costing anyone anything either personally or materialistically.

Your battle has been long in the planning I know. And I know your so very tired and angry and raring to go but soon enough….it will come and it will be dealt with quickly and relatively quietly considering we’re talking about The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Soros, Clinton, Bush, Obama.

But the way this has played out BECAUSE of your calm observation, your gathered information, your recordings and evidence, we have more to convict them for.

I know it’s been hard. I know it’s been a long wary road but on my word, when I get to America and get this charity sorted, if you ever need a roof over your head, if you ever need a job, if you ever need to talk Life Beyond will have its doors open to you.

A warm meal, a coffee or beer, a sit down or a chat. Whatever you need.

I’m at your service because the fact I’ll actually be living in America will be solely because of you and therefore I will be forever your humble servant.

My civil servants, my public servants, my civilian population, my brave men and women of the world. My beautiful geeks.

My Fight Club, I salute you and I thank you for what your doing and I’ve got your back. We all do.

You have light as your sword.

So let’s go get them Sith Mother Fuckers and destroy that fuckin Death Star.

And when it’s done let’s clean this place up and start again.

Let’s bring these babies home to something worthy of calling Earth. It’s the least we can do seeing as we let this happen in the first place.

Put your banners down, leave your ego at the door and look these babies in the eye and tell them your ideal matters more than their lives do.

Because anyone who can do that doesn’t deserve to walk the same planet as the child they see fit to condemn because of fame, pride, money or ego.

The prisons will spill out with colours to match the Olympic flag.

This is a global fight now. My fight club is all around us, the four corners of the globe and no amount of closing your eyes will make this go away.

We’re at the dawn of a new era and only we the people can decide if it’s another dark age or a new renaissance.

Those fighting for our freedom past and present shall be the legends of history for our future generations to learn about. Your bravery setting a firm path towards evolution and example of what must NEVER be allowed to happen again.

Today YOU are the legend so hold your head up and swing your sword high.

It’s almost over. We are nearly there.

Sweet Freedom

P.S to those of you who are part of the WAR, my Weaponised Autism Regiment, (you know who you are).

Thank you. You were right. I’m protecting myself as best I can but you helped like you wouldn’t believe. I couldn’t of figured this out on my own.

he kaha mo o tatou tupuna, engari mo nga tamariki he toa tatou

(For our ancestors we are strong but for the children we are warriors)

Kia Kaha