Something BIG is coming

Ok so this is what’s going on.

I know I got sent stuff about Stallone and Springsteen. It’s vanished.

In the photos I saw he looked like himself but he was wearing a black t shirt and blue jeans and he was thin.

It looked like he was snapped with wide lenses.

I remember thinking how oddly black his hair looked which was an odd thing to think.

But the stuff has vanished. The post has gone, the links I was sent has been removed.

It said he died surrounded by family and his passing was sudden but expected after a short illness with liver cancer but it might of been pancreas too so don’t quote me.

It said he’d gotten while in holiday and went to get checked out and was diagnosed just before Christmas and he refused treatment.

I got a Springsteen one too where I heard his death announcement on the TV and radio in my hotel room in New York. It was he was found dead in his home from a heart attack.

My heart sank. While I’m not a huge fan of his music I do like Philadelphia and he seems like the sort of guy you could have a beer with ya know?

He’s likeable. I think Jon Bon Jovi would be too and their music isn’t really my thing.

Springsteen isn’t linked to any of this stuff I’m talking about by the way. I’m just using him as another example of how I’m seeing things that then vanish. If I’m nuts then oh well lol

But you know how I’ve been complaining about my technology acting up?

My laptop shut off mid conversation with a client. Just shut down. It didn’t go through any closing down procedure. It just shut down.

I hit the power switch and it came back on and rebooted but there’s no virus coz I did a scan.

I did find something attached to my email that linked to my Twitter account which might explain why I’m losing followers in the blink of an eye but have zero unfollows.

It can take me 5 minutes to get a tweet up.

Calls to my husband in prison are getting dropped following three weird beeps we’ve never heard before a couple of weeks ago.

I shut my phone down and it made a taking a photo sound then beeped a high pitch beep.

When I make a call on my mobile which is rare, it makes an electronic biddle iddle eep sound right after the call connects to start ringing.

My home phone has started ringing but no-one is there.

No-one EVER calls the house phone. We only have it for the internet coz it’s law here. We get so few calls when our phone rang the first time my son didn’t know where it was to answer it and when he did find it he didn’t know what to do with it lol

My mobile shut down the other day and when it came back on my wedding photo off my screen was gone and it was just orange.

I check my log in for Facebook on my laptop and it says my account has been logged in from New York, The Netherlands and Russia.

I get calls on my UK mobile from Syracuse, New York. I have a US mobile phone. When I’m there I use my US mobile number. The Airline have my UK number, customs in the UK has it, Customs US has both.

My VPN on my phone all of a sudden started refusing to connect. I have it on 24/7 and have done for weeks. I use Mozilla Firefox PB, Wickr, etc….all on my phone because it’s easier for me to monitor than my laptop. I don’t use that for anything other than work.

My WordPress is sending double posts, making my keyboard stop working, that happens in Facebook too.

But I log into my Facebook on my laptop because it’s clean.

My Cortana on my Skype keeps asking me to repeat myself and saying thanks for our chat kind of stuff. Asking my permission for access to stuff. But I deleted it off my Skype when it first appeared. I’ve even blocked it lol

I covered my phone’s camera with a piece of paper and my phone refused to work. I couldn’t answer my phone, or send text messages. It just refused to register my finger touching the screen. You should try it and tell me if it’s a thing or just my phone. Coz that bothers me most.

But Skype and Video chat has become an epic lesson in patience when it never was before because when I connect it makes a whuring sound and then it’s robotic and choppy and annoying and I’ve been chatting to these people for years some of them. These states and countries aren’t new to me.

But aside from all of this stuff I’ve become sensitive to anything electrical again. If I touch anything with a power source battery or plugged, I get the current up my fingers and arm and through my body down my spine and through my bones.

It stopped for a while but it started again and stronger. Before it was just thing’s with batteries.

But now the clouds are gathering, and they’re very quiet. Cyclone in New Zealand, Earthquake in Taiwan, the earth is bracing for something but I keep thinking volcano too. I gotta put it out there. Red, white and blue.

When the clouds go quiet (because they are by nature a very chatty energy like dogs) it means they’re observing, deciding if they should fight or flee.

Well that’s how it is for me yes.

Whenever shit is about to kick off I get surges in electricity around me and then the dead appear.

But this boy is more around my boys. They’ve been seeing him around the same time as me within a day I think.

But he shows himself to them, I just see glimpses. He doesn’t quite trust me yet because I’m an adult. But I know he wants to. I know he knows he should trust me but he’s not quite sure.

But that’s fine, he knows I’m not going to pressure him.

I don’t know how he died. He doesn’t have a mark on him. Kids usually always say how they died within seconds of connection. I call it the death state. But he doesn’t have a mark on him.

Hes about 8yrs old. Blonde hair but it’s sandy brown blonde. Ash is it called maybe? Blue eyes.

He stands in my door way and peeks. He walks behind me in the kitchen. But he never lets me see him. I just get quick flashes.

He doesn’t trust me, but the boys see him perfectly. He wears a onesie. He’s adorable in every conceivable way.

The boys say he wears blue but I see him in a biscuit beige kind of colour. But it’s a flash. Blue does mean new spirit though. Just died.

But there’s a gathering around me. My cat is being insane. He follows me everywhere 24/7 days a week which means he’s protecting me from something.

He’s stopped eating because he’s always going outside. You know how I say my cat is a lazy old grump who I adore because he’s an asshole but when it comes to being my familiar he’s second to none?

The shadow man is back outside my house. He won’t come up to the window though because of my cat not leaving my side.

When I see him it means something is about to happen.

My cat I said it’s like he’s gone into training. He sits on my lap on the loo and sits on the side of the bath and if I leave the room when he’s asleep and he can’t find me he walks around the house calling me. When I call out back he runs to me and rubs up against me. Then he tries to get me to go back upstairs.

This behaviour has only been in the last couple of days.

The birds sit on the lines around my house. Like a square clock.

I said it’s almost like they’re protecting me lol

But it’s a gathering for sure.

And when energy gathers and build enough pressure there’s an explosion.

Hmmmmm it’s just too damn quiet.

Happy Presidents Day America.

P.S am I just malfunctioning my phone or is this a thing?

It’s happening to anyone I talk to as well. But my close confidants are having identical issues with their phones and social media.