They’re going to Hype Bitcoins because it’s going to collapse.

This “limiting the amount you can buy” bollocks is an over inflation of thin air and it’s going to wipe people out.

Catastrophic financial collapse for so many and Crypto currency will be hit hard.

I’m sorry but it doesn’t sit right. I don’t have ANY interest in the financial world but people are panicking about buying this stuff and it’s going to hit hardest those who invested the most or those who can’t afford to lose it.

I’m getting VERY nervous. The more they arrest, the worse it will be for the banking and finance industry.

Something isn’t right. People are falling for the emperor’s new clothes.

We’re on the brink of total financial collapse once the Elites are rounded up and bitcoins will be useless. Banks will be shut down. People won’t have any kind of access to funds let alone digital currency.

Cash buys food, pays rent, bit coins don’t.

So they’re trying to make people want them more by limiting supply.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

There are three things you could invest in that will guarantee a return to be proud of.

All starting with S.

But trust your gut not mine. I’m just saying what I see and feel. It’s your money, your choice.

But I don’t see the Emperor’s New clothes like you do.