The very thing used to control US will be the very thing used to bring THEM down.

That is what my dead said. For years I’ve been saying that here in my posts about the Cleansing I’ve been talking about for 5yrs.

The very thing used to control us will be the very thing used to bring them down.

The Boston Bombings, The beheading of that soldier in London, 9/11, The Vegas Shootings, Sandy Hook, etc…all gone quiet. Not a mention. We still hear about WW2 but not about children being slaughtered by MK Ultra shills.

People have cottoned on to what’s going on.

Scare the people into handing over their guns so they can’t fight back when they start rounding people up like in WW2.

That’s why it’s everywhere. Always hearing about the wars. Not to educate us on the horrors of war.

“Least we forget”

So we never forget what we are capable of doing to each other in the name of global supremacy.

All those millions of men, women, children sacrificed for what?

The Catholic church got away with stealing art and hiding Hitler and his Officers.

The Royals and Elites got away with funding the war. George Bush’s Grandfather successfully sued the Commonwealth for the destruction of his tank factories in Germany during the bombing raids.

He won. He got $30,000,000. The Bush’s, The Bows-Lyons, Walt Disney, all in on it together.

But news was harder to spread back then.

See the great thing about the Powers that be spying on us is they invented things like the Internet, Facebook, Drones, 5G internet, Smart phones etc……..and everything has a camera and WiFi on it now even baby monitors.

So when shit happens, the first thing people do is grab their phones or send a drone up.

I don’t know if this footage is caught via these means but it went viral in hours.

Nothing they got away with in plain sight before will be got away with now.

Don’t they realise that?

Tick tock tick tock time is running out.

We’re seeing the last ditch attempts of a desperate few trying to gain control one last time before jumping ship.

One by one they’ll start to jump.

I’m expecting a swath of high profile deaths now.

They’re making too many mistakes and I feel Obama and or North Korea are about to play a role in the last distraction before civil unrest escalates world wide starting in America.

All out anarchy and no-one will stop them because they’ll all be joining in.

For a couple of days anyway. Before food starts running out of the stores anyway.

Because then we’ll need to put our heads together to clean up the mess.

So much is coming out, holes picked apart as the news is being broadcast and NO-ONE is falling for it.

If you give up your guns America……you might as well give up living now.

It’s better to die standing with a gun your hand than live on your knees begging for your life or the lives of your family.

Because that’s EXACTLY what’s been happening to millions of innocent people around the world and it’s been that way for centuries.

The Geek shall inherit the earth.

It’s all happening just like my dead said it would.

Word for word it’s all making sense to me now.

I used to be terrified of these visions as a young girl, I see lay before me now as an adult. Thinking Armageddon was coming in my life time.

Who knew years later I’d be begging it to happen.

How bad are their crimes that a Spiritual person like me wants civil unrest and anarchy?

Think about it…..