The Kardashians. Their Fall, my Joy.

This is one of the Hollywood set I can’t WAIT to see the end of.

They’re the family who used sex and vanity to win favour in Hollywood.

The Mother I call the Pimp has been working those streets for years and now she sends her kids out on the street to make her some money.

I’ve heard HORRENDOUS things about this family and what they have done for fame and money and I personally can’t wait to see them go.

Nicole Brown Simpson was sacrificed and OJ blamed. That’s all I’m gonna say. It was an “inside” job.

They sacrifice the ones they love the most. He was the scape goat because he was a wife beater.

Kanye has gone rogue to save himself because he’s a coward and that coven called The Kardashians are making sure he doesn’t open his stupid mouth.

He was convinced he was untouchable. They made him think he was.

He started talking. Making people turn heads towards them. So they tried to get rid of him by destroying his career and reputation.

They took his money. Then he realized they were out to get him.

His pals are all in on it so he starts to not trust anyone and made himself paranoid. His rant at that concert was him trying to ask for rescue. He was trying to let us know he was in trouble and needed help.

But he’s a coward because he won’t face up to or ever admit his role in the cabal because he’s played the mental illness card.

The Kardashians, parents sacrificed on all sides, careers destroyed, livelihoods ruined, all for the sake of fame.

And Nosferatu and her Hobbit daughter will suffer the worst fall.

The other three will have what looks like just a fall from grace and status compared to the Ginger and Bambi over there.

The Black Chynas and Amber Roses who are the “party favours” to the Z listers thought they were on to something getting in to the Cabal from the “lowest, easiest” level and now they’re going to end up destroyed.

They thought they were untouchable but when everyone else is trying to save themselves it’s every man for himself and the weakest, feeble, stupid, non important ones in Hollywood get thrown to the wolves first.

I can’t WAIT!!!

If you knew what they’ve been involved in…’ll know why I can’t stand them and why they need to be stopped and why people will become embarrassed to have been fans.

The Kardashian victims. Add The Dad, and three more to that list.

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