The guilty celebrities will saturate the media with charitable participation

The guilty will be seen to be doing something about fixing Hollywood.

They’re being wheeled out to shine the pretty things at the masses.

But it’s actually to make it worse because people are getting angry and “Me too” and “I’m sorry I did nothing even though I knew” bullshit won’t sit with anyone.

The guilty or complicit will come out with advertising, movies, documentaries (because they were so moved by the suffering in Hollywood).

The ones who go quiet will be trying to hide evidence and disassociate themselves from getting naked and attested.

Be it movies, TV, music, sports, media etc…..they’re all coming crashing down. The public won’t tolerate even 1 person knowing an innocent like a child was raped, killed, abducted or sacrificed, sold into slavery etc….not 1 person will get away with knowing.

The cleansing riots will see a bevy of rich and famous people having justice met out upon them by the rage filled monkeys.

Remember the movie 8 Days later with the rage monkeys?

That will be your average citizen. A rage filled monkey. It’s going to be that bad and that brutal.

Anyone who knew, anyone who did someone wrong in business, work etc….are getting it. It’s going to be a mass hysteria of rage. Countries will burn to the ground in some cases. China and NK are the two I saw getting it the worst.

This will be global. Religion, political beliefs, creed, race, financial importance and game won’t stop the slaughter and beatings. Some will just get beaten to death. Some will get beaten and hauled off to jail. Some will be tortured and killed, some tortured and left alive, some will be executed in the streets, some executed in prison, some will go into hiding then get rounded up like the Nazis were. Some will vanish, some will be destroyed.

Madonna for a start. Tom Cruise, Travolta, Kardashians, Kidman, Streep, (Tom Hanks I’m not sure about he keeps getting mentioned) Also something about Morgan Freeman, he gets flashed up a lot for some reason, I’m just not sure why. Will Ferrell, Oprah, Adam Sandler, Kevin James etc…and the dead ones too like Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, my Dead told me it’s why Elvis and MJ were killed.

JFK was NOT free of guilt either so don’t be fooled.

He was a good man who did bad things and a bad man who did good things.

Bob Crane, Superman, Robert Blake, Phil Spector, Britney Murphy, Chris Farley, John Belushi,’s ALL related. MJ and Elvis were talking to people. They had to be stopped. That’s why Marilyn was killed too. The day before she was due to give a press conference. Jon Benet Ramsey too. Ask Podesta.

But your going to see a load of things come out about the favourites in the world of celebrity, so get prepared because you’ll never see them the same way again.

India, China, Africa, European, The America’s, Australasia, etc…no celebrity left untouched in any country if they’re seen as being complicit. Innocent people will be guilty by association.

It’s going to be savage and swift justice and NO-ONE will stop them.

Swords to the head, boots to the gut etc…. brutal.

I can’t wait to see the smug wiped off their faces.

Just watch…..and be brave. Your going to see your Mighty, Falling.

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