Pendle Witches

The word Witch comes from an ancient English word that means “Wise”

I’m a proud Old English student thanks to my Teacher who initiated me back in 1999.

But one of the things VERY few people knew about my Teacher was her extensive knowledge of Witch Craft.

What my family didn’t teach, she filled in the gaps.

And having spent time in the UK my teacher Pauline Wardel Braddon used to tell me about the Pendle Witches.

When I moved to the UK and started watching Most Haunted I was excited to see the episode at Pendle Hill because of my Teacher talking about the case. She always said “I can tell you what I think but you need to make this decision on your own to decide for yourself. I don’t want to cloud your judgement”. -_-

Here is the low down so you can get yourself aquatinted with the case.

Immediately upon watching this show I was angry at the disregard for the good name of misunderstood people.

Never in my life have I been so embarrassed at the latest behaviour of seemingly professional people.

At no point did anyone try to find the truth to clear the name of Elizabeth, Annie or any of them.

They were treated like demonic, evil, vicious beings who meant nothing to them in terms of humanity.

These poor people in places like Salem and Pendle Hill where they do Ghost Walks and such are exploiting these people who were totally innocent, misunderstood souls.

Some of them trapped because they can’t rest until their names are cleared.

Well guess what I found out?

It’s about an 1 hour 20 away from me.

We discovered it totally by accident and it got me thinking.

I could get them out of those buildings without breaking any trespass laws because it’s in the middle of nowhere near a public road.

With my bell…….I could call them from the road and cross them over.

And I could record it……and YouTube it. OR!!!! I could ask permission to go in and clear it for the owners.

What do you think?

Only thing is I only have my phone to record on and it only records an hour.

I’d want at least 90 minutes so I could say what I see, feel, talk to them etc…..

It’s been calling me since we drive past it. I swear……this is what I want to do so bad for my TV show.

Go to famous so called haunted locations and cross over the ones trapped and put some wrongs to right as far as the masses being sold a lie about what the paranormal is.

Go from location to location, State by State. There’s a couple of Penitentiaries and Sanitariums I’m desperate to go to. DESPERATE!!!

I just want to right these wrongs.

I can’t take it anymore. It hurts me that my dead are treated like this.

Someone needs to clear some names, free some souls and smack some truth into those who profit from the exploration of death for the purpose of ratings or money.

But you know it would be funny lol

And interesting and you’d learn stuff.

The more I think about formats for shows etc…the more determined I am to make it happen.

But I need your help doing it.

So help me help you.

Donate, share, recommend, like, anything that can help get this done.

If you know someone who knows someone blah blah….if you know of places that would need my help.

I’d go to houses to help individuals and families too not just famous places.

I want to do The Queen Mary and Gettysburg battlefields also.

I’ll do hospitals, schools, hotels, offices, aeroplanes, sheds, RVs, libraries, factories, you name it, if it’s supposedly active I’ll go there and sort it out for you.

I think my ex and I would be hilarious lol