I just had a vision of Obama

He’s in a grey suit and he’s in handcuffs.

Arrests are being made in their hundreds across the globe and the total internet silence should be your biggest concern right now.

This is why I’m not sure if I totally trust Trump.

Why would he want to stop this stuff getting out?

I understand he is a strategic genius but silencing the internet doesn’t help spread awareness and preparedness for the inevitable that is to come.

But…. whatever is about to happen, Hillary’s foot in a boot won’t stop the arrest.

The photo I’m seeing Obama has his hands behind his back with a look of a realization he’s done wrong in his eyes, (they show fear because he knows no-one will defend him as they themselves will be under the microscope) mixed with annoyed, arrogance. He’s pursing his lips in a “I’m not amused and this makes you look pathetic” kind of way.

I can feel the panic. Property being sold at a fraction of it’s worth.

Properties being scrubbed clean.

Some are deciding whether to take injections or not.

Bill Clinton is one of them. I just have to state, I don’t think he survives this. I think he does a George Bush Snr and opts out of punishment to save face not realising his troubles start AFTER death.

Because now they all have to answer to their higher selves and ALL their victims.

Where do you think he’s going to go? Coz it WON’T be reincarnated.

I can hear him as a Demon now “I did not have sexual relations with that woman in her bed that night. I am NOT an incubus” lol

George Soros already looks like the Devil so he’s half way there already lol

He reminds me of Grandpa Sawyer on the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie of 1974 lol he is without a doubt the Grandmaster of Evil.

He’s the personification of evil and he gets killed without a shadow of a doubt. It’s gonna hurt too.

These people are panicking. I can feel it in my bones.

And everyone who aided and abetted these people, anyone who worked there, saw stuff, spied, hunted, collected, protected, paid, employed, hired, took money from ANY of these people knowing what they were doing will themselves to prosecuted. Law Enforcement, CIA, FBI, security firms, military personal, civilian population etc….if you knew, and did it anyway, if you monitored the innocent, persecuted the innocent, anything that involved you going against the innocent men, women and children of this planet……….your going down too.

There will be no “I was just doing my job or following orders”

It’s going to take about 20yrs to prosecute them all in the US alone.

Countries like China, Israel, North Korea etc….take longer.

Europe will have no-one left once the law catches up with them.

Both Crown and State will be wiped clean.

Then we heal.

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