The Spirit Children are back Pt 2

My son came running up stairs and I heard him get startled.

He came into my room and said “Mama there’s a boy on the stairs”.

Upon questioning him I ascertained he was between 4-6yrs old wearing a blue onesie with red cars or fire engines on them.

Blonde hair, blue or grey eyes.

Now it’s 23.55pm and I’m sitting with headphones on thinking like Indo every night before sleep and all of a sudden I felt energy rush towards the bed and what felt like icy arms flop around me like when my 7yr old comes for his morning cuddle.

He flops across my body with his arms spread either side of my body.

Then a slight overwhelming feeling. I turned my phone around so the light would light up my room in front of me and I saw white misty lights shoot as if startled out if the door.

My bed is moving at the bottom and my bedroom is like ice.

I’m frozen to the point where my spine is chattering from cold but I have a hot water bottle on my back where I injured my back four weeks ago so it shouldn’t be cold.

The bottom of my bed is being bumped.

I’m being touched all over my skin. I think these kids are ready to cross over.

I’m gonna have to work out the logistics of this because of time zones etc…..

My cats not even phased by any of it either lol

I’m in for an interesting night I think.

I’ll keep you posted.

I don’t know how much more j can take with this.

I’m being shown things I don’t know if I can take seeing any more.

It’s a physical, mental, emotional torture all at once and I’m an adult.

I can’t imagine what they were feeling and thinking.

This has to end soon.