Such a random vision of a wardrobe hahaha

Coz I can’t be normal with the crap I see aye?

I saw a woman standing in front of a mirrored wardrobe in her PJ’s.

She pressed some buttons on her phone and the mirror came on with her perfect 3D shape, size and form on the mirror.

She then pressed buttons on her phone that was selecting whether she wanted jeans, dress, top, etc….and the mirror was placing her in these clothes in the image on the screen of the mirror.

So she could see herself in these clothes.

But then the mirror began recommending ensambles and suggesting stores to buy specific items she could buy for later through this app on the phone.

It stores every item in your wardrobe on this app and your body is scanned and stored into a database on the mirror.

She pressed a button and ordered the shoes recommended which were going to be delivered that day.

But then she pressed another button and the wardrobe opened and out comes the outfit she agreed upon on electronic rods like a vending machine kind of.

But then it changed and there was no phone. Just her talking to the wardrobe like you do Siri or Alexa.

SOOOO am I nuts yet?

smh… random….