Nicole and Daddy Kidman

Claims have been made against Nicole herself. She’s from a very powerful family. Be VERY careful of the wolves in lambs clothing.

But her Father’s death is a prime example of one who chooses the “heart attack” injection.

Her brother in law was killed too under “mysterious” circumstances.

A Fiona Barnett claims she was assaulted by Kidman and her Father on many occasions.

But also apparently some of the claims are from when Kidman was a teen actress back in Australia. She was described as being a sadistic, brutal enjoying every minute of the torture.

Just… careful……not all that smells like roses is a flower.

Remember she was married to Cruise too and has had MANY celebrity relationships.

Remember what I said about the “shared” actresses.

It’s ALL connected. THEY are ALL connected.

Remember what I’m saying because this will matter soon.

This is DEEPER than just those you know about.

When the truth is revealed you’ll be stunned at just who is complicit in all of this and have been since childhood.

Just keep watching. I sound insane now……….but you watch.

Eyes Wide Shut is real.

And here is Simon Cowell,

There’s Selena Gomez and Jessica Simpson also.

There’s no smoke without fire.