Oh my Blob, why did you show me that?

In all my years of being on this earth have I ever seen anything psychically that made me physically sick before…..until now.

I need to compose myself because my heart is pounding.

All I can smell and see is deep thick red blood.

These homeless men, these veterans and unwanted of society were killed in the most horrendous way.

Self murder….self mutilation…..they’re given some kind of drug that brings about a blood lust driven by suicidal lust and brutality.

This young beautiful man is hacking at his arm with a knife and almost getting off on the blood and tearing at his muscle and the pain must be unbearable but he can’t stop and the blood is like milkshake.

He’s loosing so much blood and he’s just dying of blood loss and they’re watching it like it’s a sport and they have popcorn and beer.

Some times they use the blood. That’s why it’s done in places easy to clean.

I’ve seen some things in my life but nothing has grossed me out like this.

I don’t like where these visions are going to be honest.

Makes me nervous.