My Highway of Tears/Serial Killers Theory

I’d like to talk about a subject dear to my heart.

I grew up fascinated by death as you know and unsolved mysteries were my teacher in testing my gift.

Solving murders and mysteries has been how I’ve tested my ability for most of my entire life.

From about the age of 7-8yrs old I’d say although my memories of death go back further, my want to understand it started around 7-8yrs old.

I started really focusing in what the Paranormal Sciences were around 12 by which time I was watching videos of horror movies and videos like The Killing of America which equally disgusted and amazed me because I started to develop a need to want to understand why we do what we do to each other and why we allow it to be done to and around us in turn.

So solving murders and unsolved mysteries was a huge part of my training and still is. My YouTube is full of unsolved mysteries and unexplained phenomena caught on camera.

It’s just the core of me now.

And for some reason The Highway of Tears case stuck with me.

I try not to look too much into this one because when I pick up stuff I pull back pretty quick, write down or document what I see then go back see if I got any hits to the case.

If it doesn’t match and my gut says not to give up, then I become attached to it and can’t let go until I express what I see in case it helps in any way, or puts another point of view out there.

And this case is one of these cases.

I need to document this because these people call me.

They’re victims of the Elites.

I don’t know why but I hazard to guess why Native Ancestors are taken for ritual purposes but they are and I think it’s because of all our Anthropological history the Native Ancestors are the eldest Spiritually connected to the Universe.

They’re the ones who live by the voice of the Universe, not the planet or a deity but the Universe and all its biological form. It’s not just the planet and all who live here, they get the importance of connection to the Spirits in the Sky so to speak.

Which in occult terms is platinum gold for blood sacrifice or having babies for blood sacrifice.

Their bloodline is purer to the stars.

Aborigines are also Native Ancestors and the reason they were subjugated.

To stop them migrating and breeding because it lessons the bloodline if they breed with those outside their race.

They take families too.

They’re traded like cattle.

Some are killed, the feisty ones. They’re blamed on a serial killer and dumped away from where they’re taken.

Some are taken to a hanger looking place and flown away, some are sold after being raped.

It’s like when you see fruit pickers on a line that moves with the fruit on it and they pick the bruised ones out and put them in a “for juice” box and the pretty ones are kept for eating, the misshapen ones for baby food and pies etc… is that cold and methodical.

They think there are two separate killers but it’s the same outfit and he’s local but has help and he’s in his late 50s brown hair gone/going white depending on which girl shows me.

He had a red truck with white on the side, a thin stripe of white on the side. It’s got an authority about it. A badge is connected to these abductions.

Police, Council authority, but it’s someone these people trust because the truck/vehicle has an air of authority about it.

They feel safe. He makes an excuse of needing to finish a job then he’ll drop her off. He maybe does one or two genuine errands to win her trust then Boom. Back of the head.

That’s when others get involved.

This is why he gets away with it and people know who it is or suspect who it is too.

He knows the area like the back of his hand, it’s his beat, his haunt. It’s all their haunt that’s why they don’t rouse suspicion.

But people have seen things but are too afraid to talk.

But there are two involved. One is the dumper of bodies which they think is a serial killer.

The hanger is corrugated. They get taken to the islands and such. They are totally removed from the area so not trace can be found locally and not all of them are dead and I believe a few will be found and their bodies found and brought home so the families can heal but not all families will get closure of a burial but all will have peace of knowing one way or another.

A lot of these bodies of unidentified babies, children, bodies are the result of the children born to these sex and breeding females.

The off spring of rape and client a like. It’s a production line.

A never ending supply. Until they’re not good or fit for purpose or too much hassle. Then they’re used, killed and dumped like garbage.

It’s that cold.

But it has to be done like this because only so many hospitals can declare still births, and only so many schools can report your kids to social services, only so many kids can get taken by social services, or kidnapped, or killed by serial killers before it looks suspicious.

They send their scouts out to look for prime targets and they get abducted and held.

That’s why your Richard Ramirez and Charles Manson types were devil worshippers. They had ties to Hollywood, California. The Hill Side Stranglers too.

John Wayne Gacy, The Menendez Brothers, Ted Bundy, all had political connections. It goes on and on.

The Defeo murders, the Dad was connected also.

Jimmy Saville and The Yorkshire Ripper knew each other. Jimmy Saville knew the Krays because they got him boys for his BBC and Royal pals. Jimmy Saville was a classic example of a Scout. Looking for the best candidates for selection.

They all mix in the same circles. They get promised all sorts to take the bodies or supply them then get thrown like lambs to the slaughter when they get caught.

Then they conveniently die or get killed.

That’s why I’m not surprised Manson died at the outbreak of the Hollywood sex scandal PizzaGate and why I think the Queen will probably die soon.

To avoid Scandal. They’ll say like one was pneumonia and the other in their sleep or something like that but they of taken the injection.

Manson killed for Polanski. Polanski’s wife and kid were his sacrifice.

They all sacrifice the ones they love the most. He gave a child too which makes him untouchable. That’s why he gets away with being a pedophile. Woody Allen also. In plain sight.

I’m telling you, my dead aren’t wrong. These serial killers are connected.

The Highway of Tears is part of this.

When you register your child’s birth or your marriage your legally handing ownership of your child and marriage over to the Queen/King or Government depending on your country. Her seal or the Government seal is on all legal documents that involve birth, death and marriage.

Why? Because they can monitor ages and health of their property. Because when you sign those licenses be it car or birth of a child, mortgage etc…your saying ‘I will pay you to own me and here is my signature agreeing to such.

Marriage isn’t sacred in the eyes of God because it’s holy and pure to commit to one person.

Those rings aren’t symbols of love. They’re seals of ownership.

They’re a business seal. To say you traded. The vows you speak in front of witnesses are legally binding words.

That is why by law you MUST ask specific things and declare them to either the Church or Court.

Your not promising to love, honour and cherish each other in sickness or health etc…your doing a ritual to hand yourself over to Church or State.

The Queen is the head of the Church here.

It’s all connected. It’s all a UPS parcel delivery force delivery tracking system.

And all they have to do to remove you from society, remove your car, house, benefits, unemployment, food stamps, freedom, child, family unit, retirement, savings, and even erase your existence from file and you’ll never be seen as human again.

That’s why so many people can turn up dead somewhere random and they’re never able to identify them.

Some families will never have closure until they themselves die and know the truth upon death.

But for Highway of Tears families there’s going to be mass healing.

Ashes will plant trees and the stars will align again for them and find balance which they all deserve.

The men are used for sport.

They know how to live off the land better than anyone. They are a challenge because they know how to hunt and win nature’s trust.

They don’t just shoot these ones. They use crossbows and hunt them at night.

The veterans also, the young athletic boys.

Sex, prey, sacrifice, sport or ritual.

The Gladiator games were this very thing. People don’t realise even the Olympics were sporting entertainment that often resulted in death for those who failed.

The Inca had the same kind of thing. That Aztec soccer game was the same.

Where they kicked the ball into the stone hoop with their hip. The losers were killed.

Nothing has changed. It’s a perverted live stage show of showing off the physically elite for sex, control or power.

The Gladiators were treated like God’s at Pompeii.

That entire city was a red light district.

Every building a brothel with porn on the walls. The elites would hold sex parties, and it was a status thing for them to have the best looking sex toys like young, supple, fit, brave etc…..

If you didn’t have a sex room for parties in your house you weren’t anybody.

It’s been going on for centuries that the best, strongest, fittest, smoothest skinned, etc….are taken for pleasure, sport or profit.

Movie stars and pop stars are given God like status for their years of servitude.

Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and George Clooney for example. Madonna, Beyonce, GaGa etc….aka compliant.

Some do it willingly, some are bred into it.

The Black Dahlia was a victim of the Elites also. What I could say about her. Bloody hell…..

I know it seems like it’s all random nonsense I’m talking but it’s all connected if your reading it properly lol you must know my brain by now if your a follower lol

Did you know when you sign or say “I understand” to a question of legal content ie signing any contract or involving a court of law or legal matter you agree to stand UNDER that law and gives up your rights to be protected by that law?

So your not signing or saying “I understand what your asking of me” or “Understand the terms of the contract” your saying “I under/down stand you. I step down to you so I stand under you in a court of law.

Makes you sign a contract with a different heart once you know too let me tell you.

But we’re screwed without it. We can’t function without needing things that require contracts.

The Elites made it that way in purpose. So they can remove control from you should you be noncompliant at any point.

This is why these men, women and children can go missing in their millions over our life times globally and never get found.

The press of one button from the right baddie and you cease to exist to the society you grew up in.

Except now people are starting to wake up.

And they’re refusing to stand under anyone of them.

The Fight Club for example, Assange, Trump, Peterson, Milo, Shapiro, The real Anonymous, Weaponised Autism, The Republic of Kekistan, Gowdy, Paul, Chavez, etc…..all the brave men and weapon sacrificing themselves for the greater good.

It is these kinds of people responsible for bringing the darkness to an end for millions of families across the globe.

I’d like to state that not all missing are victims to the Elites.

Some are murdered by loved ones, accidents, suicides, run aways, selective amnesia etc….also not all celebrities in these above mentioned industry are involved in this stuff.

Some got their fame the right way. Hard work and sacrifice.

But see Dean Martin and the Rat Pack? They make my skin crawl. They disgust me.

Sexually perverted, twisted, elites the lot of them.

Some people are just twisted and will kill for pleasure.

But they’re a minority in numbers compared to those involved in what I’m talking about.

I often go to the websites for Missing People now and I am always pretty sure I know what’s happened to them all.

I wish I could help them all. It just breaks my heart.

It will be good when it’s all over. It’s gonna take a long time for our planet to recover from the truth of just exactly what we’ve been living in for so long.

Phil Spector didn’t kill that woman either. She was sacrificed and he was blamed.

They throw the ones they see as an easy target or a nuisance to the slaughter.

OJ Simpson, Winona Ryder, Phil Spector, Bernie Madoff, Michael Jackson (was a truther and he was a child victim like Corey Haim and Feldman were and he knew the truth and refused to play anymore so they sacrificed him after the court thing didn’t work). Whitney was becoming too chatty. Too much trouble, uncontrollable. Anna Nicole Smith, etc….all connected. Monroe, the women were/are play things. If you see a female celebrity or wanna be like Black Chyna, The Kardashians, Amber Rose etc.. with multiple celebrity partner history, they’re the ones being passed around.

Angelina Jolie, Winona Ryder, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt etc….and if they get too much they get destroyed one way or another.

Brittany Murphy apparently was about to come out to what now be seen as supporting Feldman’s claims from what I was told. Because she was a child star too. The child stars……grow up screwed up. Look at Drew Barrymore and Judy Garland. Their drug fueled childhoods are legendary and yet it’s ok.

Or they go nuts like Lohan, Byrne, Spears, Lebeof etc….

All play things to the elites and what’s worse is a lot of these people’s colleagues and family members are in on the torment.

It’s all connected I’m telling you.

Hendricks was killed because he started asking for the millions in royalties he was owed but never given. He got monumentally screwed over by the music devil.

And they’re so much more dead than they ever will be alive and a lot easier to control.

Unless your compliant.

They’re ALL connected people.

I’m telling you.

The Highway of Tears is just one tear dropped, the number is so high it should be called The Flood of Tears.

So that’s my theory based on what I’ve been told.

Jack the Ripper was connected to The Royals, he dumped and collected victims for them.

Most of the cops covered it up for them.

Yorkshire Ripper, Myra Hindley and Ian Brady etc….they are interesting because they tried to make their own movies James Herbert talks about in The Others.

Rose and Fred West were the same.

Political, Law, Freemasonry connections etc….or because they got money for doing it. Jeffrey Dahmer etc…..all connected.

If it involves devil worship especially.

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