But why can I just get paid to just do this for you? *Foot stomp*

My life, my job would be perfect but for two things.

I don’t get paid much to do what I love and I’m not in New York next to the love of my light with our family by our side doing what I love and loving what I do.

Which is this. Writing, talking, thinking, teaching, helping you all understand the Science and philosophies of death and existence.

I know I have followers who know my work word for word.

I know my words help and infuriate but if it generates thought or discussion I’m serving my purpose here which is to teach.

And I can’t believe how right my teacher was. I realized in a session yesterday with a student, my Teacher was preparing me for this life the minute she stepped foot in my house.

Teachers really do orchestrate their training around the future of the student using those gifts.

She totally prepared me for a life in radio and social media back in the late 1990s and 2000.

But my writing here is not only like therapy for my subconscious mind, but it’s also my journal because I feel drawn to come here and write what I feel and think.

Because I know somewhere out there, is someone reading it who gets me.

And it helps them, because they reach out to me and tell me every day.

I have hundreds of emails I’m never gonna get through fast enough in my opinion to prove this point.

But I also get to document my gift, document my learning process. Good or bad, right or wrong, it’s all helped me get to this point.

I’m not perfect and I don’t claim to be.

I know I’m opinionated and stubborn. I’m a total fantasist and hopeless romantic with the ideals of life I know to be in my head.

But it makes me happy, and in turn I teach it to you and it makes you happy too.

I want so badly to reach out to you all.

You all really do mean so much to me.

I’m working so hard to get my name out there.

So your support both financial, emotional and mental is so much appreciated.

I’m trying to get money to get better recording equipment so I can make better videos now I’m a little more confident.

Then I want to be able to prove to The American Immigration and Borders that I’m worthy of a visa.

I know I could do it through my husband once he’s out but is it so wrong of me to want to do it on my own?

I’m not being a Feminist about it. But I’ve worked so hard to earn the chance to ask permission to contribute to America. I want to be a part of what makes America great.

The real America. The America I see. The one I see coming together now.

When I get my visa I can hold my head up high and say “I did this on my own because I was proved myself worthy of the privilege”.

Then at least my boys will know their Mum is hardworking and just as good at providing as their Dad and certainly not to prove any sex based hierarchy or political agenda. But rather to show them that women are equal to a man and just as capable of success if they’re willing to put in the hard work and effort.

I have plans to do videos with my ex where we go to locations and do unexplaineds but Debbie style.

So it would be comedy and serious, educational and emotional etc….

I want to get the public involved and show you MY dead and you can see how I do what I do and why.

Because you’ll see just how normal it is to be around the dead and how they can enrich your life in a profound way.

And also because it’s me….you know it’s gonna be interesting.

I’d LOVE to go from State to State doing the haunted locations, explaining the phenomena, crossing over or healing whoever needs it, cleanse buildings, investigating unsolveds, etc…in each state.

In a campervan with family in tow.

I’d spend a week just at Gettysburg, PA alone.

The Axe House Murders and all the Asylums etc….. imagine watching me do it? You would actually see me react to what I experience. You’d SEE me Time Slip.

Imagine if we caught anything on camera? Because I’m never aware enough to remember to hit record and those around me watch like stunned rabbits and therefore forget to hit record also missing about 10 series of episodes worth of stuff you could of seen.

So….if you can help me….you know how you can.

There are many different ways you can.

And then when I’m the white Oprah of the Paranormal world you can say you helped get me there and we will all meet up one day for a big party and smoke the world’s biggest joint, drink copious amounts of beer and eat until we explode lol

We will sing until our throats hurt on Karaoke lol yes….you WILL sing with me. It shall be hence forth thusly the law.

Teaching people how to be happy in life by connecting to the dead and using the connection to guide you through all life’s paranormal events is just about the most perfect job in the world.

It’s all I want to do. Be around the dead to help the living.

I become absorbed in it. I just can’t help myself. I love what I do so much.

Because of you.

So thank you and I hope I’ve served you well or at least taught you something.

It means everything I’ve seen and experienced in my life will have all been worth it.

And I promise to only ever use my abilities to do good things with it.

Like warn of the cleansing for example.

I will serve you well as I do the dead.

Thank you for your support, patience and understanding of my journey. It means more to me than you’ll ever know.

Love and Light



6 thoughts on “But why can I just get paid to just do this for you? *Foot stomp*

  1. I’ll sing with you, Debbie. 🎸
    You told me to roar, right?
    I feel like I shouldn’t be the only person replying to your blog?
    Like that person at the party who won’t feck off. Lol.