The Humming is back

It’s 7.19am my son and I are snuggling in bed and there is that humming sound again.

It’s driving me insane but once again I’ve developed a headache on my right side.

Interesting that it’s always in the early morning, preceded by a headache on the right side and this time my son heard it but it can’t be picked up on camera.

It’s silent outside.

Mind sweep I’m guessing because when it’s the earth doing it, it sends little shockwaves through my body as it reverberates in the atmosphere.

I’m also reporting that I’m now getting electric current through my body when I hold stuff with a power source.

It used to be my phone and TV remotes but it’s anything that generates energy.

It can be painful too. I feel it in the hand I’m touching the object with, goes up my arm and to the center of my stomach, solar plexus area where the man in my computer works (Intuition/Higher Self).

BUT….. sometimes….I see things when I touch the stuff.

If it has a battery, it’s giving me waves of vibrational current, if it’s electrical it gives me shocks but when I get them, I see flashes of time.

I was out in Glossip yesterday and opened the door for a woman who was on her phone.

As she brushed past, my hand touched her arm holding the phone and it almost blew me back, I was left disoriented and a little discombobulated. I was standing in the store alone and slightly afraid because my family were once there, then they vanished. I’m so used to having them there to orientate me back to normal/ish/er (normal for me)

But when I touched her, I saw her crying in a hotel room in Paris.

LSo… What the Fact?

Am I Magneto now or what?

Rather be Magneto than Jean Grey though lol