Cuba Claims Justin Trudeau Is Fidel Castro’s Son – Remember I said…

Do you remember me saying all the world’s leaders, and rulers were related because their leadership roles are put into place long before the conception of the child?

Regan was related to Princess Diana who has more right to the throne than Liz.

Obama is related to the Queen also.

I told you years ago they’re all related.

THAT is why their called The Global Elite or The Bloodline.

I might sit broke, sounding nuts, typing random shit for you all to read but my dead are ALWAYS right when it comes to this stuff.

However this time it wasn’t the dead who told me.

It was them up there. And GUESS what?

They are turning. THEY THEY!!!

THEY!!!……are turning and soon they will leave because they’re about to get blamed for everything.

Watch how much Alien/UFO stuff goes mainstream now. I’ve been saying it for well over a year that the media were helping put PBB into play.

Diversionary tactics won’t work now.

But I believe this article 100%

Trudeau’s mother has been ridden more times than the town bike. Lost her kids over her inability to keep her legs closed.

But I thought Cuba were the enemy?

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