I have a Ukrainian Girl with me.

She’s blonde, beautiful, slim about 5’5-5’7 Long blonde hair. Been missing about 5-8yrs give or take. Her hair is dyed though. It’s brown originally.

Just please bear with me, in her drugged state it’s all discombobulated. This is what I have from her so far.

She was taken to America. But went out for work with her “boyfriend” in her homeland. Like….she was looking for work, met him, sealed her fate.

She was taken shopping and told to pick whatever she wanted. She spent about $1200 on clothes, shoes, make up etc….she was lavished. Promised work and visas etc….travel….she trusted this man who wasn’t Ukrainian but spoke Russian.

She was drugged. It was end of summer. I’m trying to make sense of what she’s showing me.

Because she was in her homeland one minute and on American soil the next but I’m not sure how she got there.

I know she was in control of her senses when she got on the boat.

Then when she got on the boat on the Harbour, (it looks like New York again to be honest) and got ready she was given champagne and was never conscious again.

At least 6 men came from nowhere and video taped themselves having sex with her.

Her face was bruised within minutes of losing her senses.

If she is alive she is drugged, if she’s dead she died drugged. She’s showing me what she knows which is drug fuelled. She’s ready to give up, or gave up. She was/is exhausted. Bless her heart.

Is she dying like the lady in the bath? And I’m feeling her? Or has she died and come to me because of what I’m able to do with these types of victims given the current PizzaGate scandal?

She was powerless. All she could do was lay there.

I think she was a model. She was promised a career. The boat trip think I she’s saying was what she thought was going to be a photoshoot or where a job interview was taking place, then a few drinks on deck but the male companion she trusted was a “hunter gatherer”.

That’s what I call the Scouts who go looking for the victims to rape, kill, torture, sell, sacrifice.

They are personal shoppers. They go looking for what they know will sell or have been given a shopping list.

The odd thing is, I think she’s still alive.

I can’t see a body. Can’t feel her death.

But I’ll definitely keep you posted.

She’s standing right here. Her name is something like Tash, Tasha, Natasha but I don’t know if it’s real. It’s an Aa name that’s obviously Eastern European. She’s definitely Ukrainian but speaks Russian.

There’s an Arab connection too. I can hear Arabic being spoken around her and she understands what they’re saying. Either learned or taught I guess?

She is around about 22 at the time of her disappearance.

Hazel/brown eyes, fair skin, dyed blonde hair. Tiny frame. Petite.

The boat is white and not very big considering the size of the ones around it. It’s brown inside and white with silver on the outside, it has dark tinted glass and an American flag flies on it and that is DEFINITELY New York.

Why do I keep seeing New York in all of this? Always New York. From the twin towers collapse 3 months before 9/11 to riots of angry zombies smashing up the financial district, to PizzaGate victim suicides etc…..

If she’s not dead then she’s mastered Telepathy through the drugs she’s on.

When the Feds and NYPD etc… actually start draining the swamp I think the world is going to be in mourning at the number of things left at the bottom of it after it’s drained.

The body count, alive and dead is in the hundreds of thousands globally.

Check the uninhabited or non populated islands especially if they’re own by an Elite or one their lesser members ie rich, powerful, famous.


She kind of looks like her but her hair is Blonde, dyed blonde.

I’m not saying it’s her but she kind of looks like her.


One thing I do know though, like the female in the bath, the children, the homeless man, now this Tash girl.

I’ve looked on Interpol and Missing Persons but apparently with the Ukraine having the largest amount of females going missing in Europe it’s not gonna be easy finding her.

But please….if you can help me find her. I’d really appreciate it.

I’m not very tech savvy and I then break the tech with my frustration at not being savvy. I’m a temperamental asshole like that lol technology scares.

But if we can try to put a face to her…..or a name……it’s validation for her suffering and maybe I can bring her peace in death.

These girls are so far gone with drugs they need helpers getting to the bathroom and getting washed. She’s with Asian girls, American etc….

I’ll give them all this though these women have incredibly strong survival skills.

They endure a LOT before giving up or being removed from the game.

What can I do? I don’t know what to do. I’m one person who sees it in my head or mind’s eye.

I seriously want to hold this poor girl right now. I’m too numb to weep to be honest but I think that’s because of her.

I think the modelling was after she was taken, not before. But she was compliant because they’d of killed her otherwise.

Like these girls are forced into porn and stuff. But they are mentally broken down to be compliant.

Then the ones who break are given more freedom than just being tied to a bed and raped for money.

The compliant ones become less controlled because they do what they have to for survival, and drugs.

The non compliant are kept on beds, drugged until needed or paid for.

The room she was in stinks of human body fluids engrained in the mattress and such….it’s so strong I can smell it in my throat.

I wish I could find her identity.