Not All Empaths See The Dead (updated)

I can’t stress this enough.

Not all Empaths see dead people.

And it is NOT a gift you learn, your born empathic.

Your born suffering the pains of the planet.

Death is something your around from a young age because you live it. You know it’s vibration but it doesn’t mean you’ll see it (past childhood I mean, most kids have at least one Paranormal experience they’ll remember but we grow out of it by around the age of 7-8yrs old. That’s still so young).

You don’t see the dead or talk to them BECAUSE your Empathic.

Just because an Empath is a Natural Telepath doesn’t mean a Natural Telepathy is Empathic. Just because a Clairvoyant like myself is Empathic doesn’t mean all are or that Empaths are Clairvoyant.

Empaths are higher Souls with gifts of vibration and feeling that torture in your soul from birth for its beauty.

You are sensitive to energy NOT the dead. The dead just happen to be one frequency of what an Empath is capable of feeling but not all Empaths SEE the dead but will feel it.

But they can. Better than anyone.

But not everyone who sees Spirit is Empathic.

They’re tuned in to the planet. They are writers, artists, poets, creators, inspirers of highly trained skill. They aren’t rich kids who do Art because Daddy said so. They’re your tortured geniuses like Van Gogh, or Scientists, writers, musicians etc…they take vibration in a form they master the understanding of and turn it into things that create and inspire in others because they are the beauty in pain and the suffering in life like no other person.

They live to create and serve to inspire with what they create.

THAT is an Empath.

You can’t learn it, you’ll be the only one in your family, your life to this point will have been torture but the journey will be the most rewarding in their existence. You can’t learn it, but you can draw it out if your Empath. If your not Empath learning it would be harder but not impossible. You’d just need to work hard to want it.

Self critical, self destructive, self conscious. An Empath won’t be someone who is a supermarket employee by day and Empathic artist by night.

ALL Empaths by the time they get to their 30s live the Inspirer life for employment. You get to a point where you choose poverty and your gift over money and whoring yourself out to make someone else money.

Even though they may be struggling financially to be the artist, writer, musician, an Empath does it anyway because they have faith in their ability more than they have faith in how they’re going to make the rent.

At some point you give up trying to do it for others and follow that pull to be the creator and inspirer your here to be.

They suffer for their art.

If you’ve never worked long painful hours, for little rest, hardly any pay, being treated like shit by people because your a threat because of your talent, had your work stolen, sleeping on people’s sofas away from home, under appreciated, ripped off, dragged from one end of the country to another doing gigs in dives, slept in your car, starving, forgetting to eat or wash for your talent that creates and inspires others, you are NOT an Empath.

And they don’t all see the dead nor do they all communicate with them. Being Intuitive Clairvoyant and Empathic are NOT the same.

An Empath absorbs and reflects the energy around them.

Just because I’m all of the above (Empath, Clairvoyant, Telepathic, etc…) doesn’t mean everyone is.

I was taught from childhood what I was and reflected my observational training from childhood to develop and master what I knew I had and the rest grew from there.

I tuned myself in better once I understood how it worked.

But I knew I was Empathic long before I knew I was talking to and hearing the dead as being a thing but that’s how normal it was to see dead people in my house. But I always knew I was sensitive to people’s feelings from like 3-4yrs old. I remember things.

I didn’t even know it wasn’t a thing everyone did in their homes lol

When I rule the world I’m changing the definition of what an Empath is by law. Because it’s my BIGGEST pet peeve that people get wrong constantly.

Empaths, don’t celebrate being Empaths.

It’s fucking torture wrapped in beauty.

The balance of everything I guess.

An Empath will be tortured with beautiful gifts given to inspire the viewer, reader, listener, follower, supporter, fan, client or customer in a way that moves them to the core.

But the price for which to an Empath is overwhelming and hard to comprehend because they’re humble from being beaten down and oppressed by the society around them since childhood.

To be empathic is to know suffering in the true definition of the word.

To be empathic is to know beauty as suffering for your art.

Whatever the talent, it is ALWAYS a bitter sweet gift to possess.

Its taken seriously, and comes with a great amount of responsibility and always at a price for the Empath that only one who understands the balance between life and death, sanity and insanity will EVER understand.

THAT is an Empath.

AND people WILL fear you, because they don’t know what you are or how to handle you. We process things differently. That scares and confuses people.

Preferring to be loners because as I’ve said before “Empaths are only drawn to other Empaths because no-one else understands them better than another Empath”.

Which is why all my friends are writers, artists, musicians, scientists etc…… because we’re supportive of each other more than others because we understand the journey better than anyone else.

We are all patrons of the arts and sciences. We buy each others books, art work, albums etc…..

I used to say it was my least favourite gift being Empathic.

But actually, I’m proud of it now. Because my crazy saves people from heartache.

So if I had to suffer in my life so others don’t in theirs, then being Empathic is TOTALLY worth it.

And it’s because of that they make the best people with a gift. Empaths don’t see death, they are death. They know it’s vibration. But not all Empaths have that opened. But they can open it very very easily. More than Non Empys. That’s the basis of my school. I’ve been experimenting and have identified what an Empath is and how to best enhance their abilities and teach them to self heal so they too can be like me.

No-one does it like an Empath. So I have to find them and teach them.

That’s my School Beyond Life, School of Psychic Therapy and Paranormal Science.

The home of Empaths.


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