Is the Flu sweeping the US/UK biological warfare?

I was actually in America at the time this hit.

I’m convinced I’m one of the carrier’s lol

Hear me out…..I was in America from the end of November until the 12th.

It was within 7 days of my return everyone started getting sick.

We know the government and military use the population to test biological and chemical weapons on the people.

The cow one and number 3 are disturbing.

But this flu has hit everyone but me. I felt dodgy over Xmas but took double zinc and was never sick.

My ex got it at Xmas has never fully gotten rid of it.

Americans seem to be the biggest hit.

It’s pandemic. And it stinks to high heaven to me.

This flu is lingering for weeks and taking down kids worst of all.

Kids are getting sick for weeks. My female Mum friends are just getting one kid back to school when the other goes down.

Please…… DON’T drink the water and avoid the vaccines at all costs.

I’ve warned you of this before.

Please use a filter or drink carbonated still water and cook with bottled still water.

It just isn’t sitting right with me guys.

I’m sorry. I just don’t trust it.

They didn’t factor the weather. That’s why it’s not done the damage it should of.

I write this on the 25th January

This Flu Pandemic. Do NOT drink the water.

Body of Evidence Suggests New US Biological Warfront Opening Up

Hmmmmm. I should really Google more lol but at least I know I’m not nuts lol