I’m feeling drawn to learn about engines.

I don’t know why but I’ve been drawn to engines my whole life.

My youngest is the same. I live cars. Yes I do. I think muscle cars are sex in wheels and I’ve discovered a fetish lol I LOVE engines.

(Not love, like wanna shag one love) although I can see the appeal if you see a 1963 Camero hahahaha. Or a Dodge Charger…….meeeeow. But I love car engines. The function of one has started to peak my interest.

So I have decided I’m going to follow my compass as learn about engines.

I don’t know why. But I love them so I want to learn about them.

So I’m gonna.

And when I’m Queen of the world I’m gonna have a pottery shed because I’m feeling drawn to do pottery too. I did it at school and LOVED it. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Coz life is for living and living is doing what you love. So husband included, I’m gonna do what I love HA!!!

And I can’t even drive nor do I have an interest in ever learning to lol

I think because it’s too dangerous for me to drive. Imagine if I take slipped mid corner turn on a high bend?