I apologize if your talking to me and your Facebook/Skype/ Hangouts/Email is playing up

It appears anyone currently talking to me in Facebook regarding QAnon, The Cleansing and my predictions regarding The Elites as well as my closest confidants are experiencing technical difficulties.

I can only apologise. Our phones, our Facebook, Skype, Email, Phones are active guys.

I’m so sorry. I am doing all I can to divert attention to me. I don’t want anyone but myself involved in this because they’re my visions and I choose my words carefully because of them.

Spirit guide me. I can control all of that. I have no control over what happens to you so I completely TOTALLY 100% percent do NOT blame you if you choose to cut contact.

I wish they would just ask me what I know.

It’s frying people’s phones.

Cortana on Skype keeps asking me to continue my conversations I’m not having because I keep deleting her from my account.

WordPress is sending duplicate posts and the keyboard gets jumbled, Twitter has no internet to send Tweets yet I’ll be talking in Hangouts fine, Facebook is losing content, saying wrong password when it’s not, even denied our accounts at one point.

Until I start complaining,…..vocally…….then in a minute it’s all normal again.

Facebook also stops my keyboard coming up so I can’t type.

There’s something going on and I expected that but if it’s bothering you please feel free to unfriend me.

I completely understand. This is my battle.

However….. doesn’t mean to say the war isn’t being fought together.

Get a GOOD VPN and Listed/Unlisted Spyware app for your phone’s as well as laptops and tablets. You can get good ones for free or an affordable monthly charge.

If your talking to me and things are acting like a plonker around you, you’ll know why.

I won’t be offended if you keep away.

I knew what I was getting myself into. You take care of you.

If you choose to stay……….know what your getting caught up in please ok?

I can’t take responsibility for you.

“Power to Light”