Banking/Warning/America first

As you can see I was right about the economy and I’m also complaining about Bitcoins and Crypto currency as well.

So what’s gonna happen next now the stock market has seen it’s worst crash in history America?

The banks will shut down leaving you all zero access to your money.

So get it out now, move it, spread it out. The clock is ticking now.

I predict the banks shut down around the time of the riots leaving people panicking because of no access to funds.

Which means no gas for the car or food for the kids. So prepare now please.

Get the things you need to survive for a month and triple it. Don’t forget pets.

Get money out, get things you can trade. Single malt whiskey, tobacco, weed, even prescription medication has a street value, vodka, beer, but don’t tell anyone you have it. Don’t let anyone know your stocking up. If they have weapons and you don’t there is no telling what they will do once they’re hungry.

This will be global too. All banks are owned by the same handful of people and they’re all running scared trying to cover their tracks so they don’t have evidence used against them when the Task Force I call The Fight Club come knocking on their door to round them up for trial.

So your money is going to be the least of your worries.

Solar powered phone chargers too.

You might be without electricity. So think carefully.

Non perishable foods (that require the least amount of water to cook) and milk, sanitation, water, candles, torches etc….it’s just better to be safe than sorry.

The click is ticking. We are months if not weeks away from anarchy in the USA.

It’s gonna be real, not staged and you’ll know because reports will start to come in about certain people being dragged out of their houses and beaten, killed, robbed etc…..then fires, anarchy, then tanks, then peace.

The tanks join the fight.

Don’t be afraid.

P.S it starts with banking apps suddenly going down for short periods, ATMs not working, any digital purchase involving websites, apps or cards.

Might be for a few minutes, could be for half the day, but one day it won’t come back and you’ll have no access to money.

You will eventually but just prepare for the fact it could be a couple of weeks if not a few.