HILLARY: GOING DOWN. How to deal with Mainstream News

I can hear Jennifer Hudson singing “She’s going down”

Don’t be afraid America. Don’t listen to mainstream media. They’re the last desperate attempts of the darkness trying to scare you into giving them the power.

I’ve been preparing you for this for nearly 5 years remember?

What does Mana Bear always say?

What did I teach you?

The dark side can only come in if you????……….let it.

The dark side need your???????? Fear to feed off.

So they make you afraid because then you give them all your power.

And what do I say to do my babies?

Mummy says “Turn your back and give it no attention”.

Go do something that makes you laugh, or makes you feel good. But you must defeat the fear by changing your mood.

We are weakest afraid. (Actually I’m weakest laughing lol I’m violent afraid lol when I’m laughing I’m all shyte and girly). But when your happy your focused so pay better attention to things. You become contemplative, determined, driven etc…..they don’t want that.

I have told you this for many years now….Russia are the good guys. We’d be at war now if Clinton was in office.

She’s a bad lady and I’d watch out for Oprah too. Thank blob they’ll all be in jail before that’s ever an issue.

Just remember what I’ve been teaching you all along.

And if you have questions come to me. If I can’t answer it I vow to answer it using a trusted and respected source.

The light is stronger than the dark now and they know it. Just keep your head down but pay attention.

Don’t listen to mainstream news if they try to support Hillary. They’re all in the cabal.

But don’t worry kiddies…..I gotchu……..

I’m Mama Bear. You’ll be the first to know.

One thought on “HILLARY: GOING DOWN. How to deal with Mainstream News

  1. Ha- immediately thought of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘ I’m going down’.
    Different strokes for different folks eh?
    Thanks for keeping us informed. 🗡️🛡️🦄🕊️❤️