The 3 classifications of Child Spirits.

People will automatically think they’re one in the same and they’re not.

There are only 3 types of child Spirits and only one of them is actually dead.

The other two are more complex and harder to remove than an actual Spirit child.

So I’ve classified it for you so you can understand it and help you arm yourself with the knowledge so you can deal with your situation or help someone else deal with theirs.

1) Girl Ghost.

Here is the article I wrote that explains Girl Ghosts.

Beware the Girl Ghost

2) Spirits:

These are the actual decreased. They can come and go at will and interact with the living. They can be trapped or free roaming ie lost ones ones.

Generally speaking if the Spirit isn’t connected to you in life, they’re not attached from birth like a Spirit Elder, or invited by you (because of your gift or you did something silly) then it’s not a dead person.

If a spirit is around it’s for one of three things.




By the way, you can absolutely have negative dead people but they’re rare and can only have control if you let them because anything negative needs your fear to feed off.

And it also means they’re trapped. So the right thing to do would be to release it.

You wouldn’t trap an animal then kill it just because you feared it would you? Because if you did, you’d be back for sure having a do over.

So if you have a spirit of the dead around they will interact. There will always be a purpose for them being there. They will let you know if they need help or if they bringing comfort because they know you miss or need them. If they’re teaching you something it’s either because of number 1 or because you have a gift they’re trying to help you advance.

Either or, just relax and let them do what they do best.

Your never in safer hands than when your with the dead.

Trust me. I’m the Queen of Death…and I command it hahahaha jk (or am I *raised eyebrow*) mwhahaha

3) Time Bend:

Most commonly referred to as a Ghost or Residual Spirit.

They aren’t dead at all. They’re when the frequency between two times cross over.

All time exists simultaneously, which means yesterday, 1000yrs ago, 1000yrs from now and next year are happening right now this very instant.

So imagine a roll of film opened up that is infinite in length. Ok?

Now imagine each frame or snap shot on the roll has another roll of film off each single frame. Because each picture snaps a different moment in time.

The second picture taken of you at the restaurant with your friends at Christmas time last year is a different time to the 112th frame you took of you yesterday at Sydney Harbour on the roll of film. So each frame has its own reel off it.

And they are all interconnected because it’s your life unfolding as you live it.

Each person in those pictures all having their own frames, with their own reels off them. Creating a never ending stream of connecting rolls and frames of film.

THAT is time. That is time to a dead person. And they just jump in and out of those rolls of film. When you remember them you jump into those rolls of film with them. Being in that moment again with them. I can jump in and out of those rolls of film.

That’s what my time slips are. Except instead of it being where the roll of film bends so one time frame cross over another time frame my time slips overlap. I live both at once, see both at once, feel both at once, think both at once.

But there is also the Stone Tape Theory too which is a type of time bend.

Stone Tape Theory is often repetitive in nature. So you’ll hear footsteps coming up the stairs at the same time almost every Friday or you’ll hear someone singing in the kitchen all the time and no-ones there.

Or you’ll hear the TV or radio going and when you go to check no-one is there.

Stone Tape often records when emotion is high. So a sudden, surprising, painful, or violent death. Or a moment of incredible joy or grief, people singing, playing instruments (it’s vibration) into the organic fabric of time. Because the buildings materials or objects will be organic, magnetic and porous they soak up the vibration. The same way a marble statue of Ganesh soaks up milk.

But then it plays it back when the frequency is just right.

Like a time loop. The tape places one part of the tape over and over.

But it’s easily fixed with a bell and pendulum.

A Time Bend is when you’ll see someone over again but in varying situations.

Like for example “I swear I’m being followed by a Ghost because I go into the garage and he’s there standing at the bench and when I walk into the space he turns to look at me then vanishes but then I’ll see him walk up the hallway and he’ll stop to look at me” etc…..

My response? “Yeah because he’s probably thinking “Who the fuck is that who keeps following me? One minute she’s in my garage and the next my son’s room…I think I’m being haunted or I’m going crazy”.

You’ll see them all over not just on the stairs where they died like stone Tape for example. They can often see you and are JUST as confused and afraid as you are.

So if you see a Spirit in any of these situations, this is what they are.

Time Bends can be fixed very easily.

They evaporate because both of your subconscious selves make the disconnect with your conscious selves when it begins to realise it’s dealing with something Extra or Para Normal.

Because that’s what Paranormal means. Extra or Other Normal.

Normal being the operative word.

Im so loving writing these articles.

I’m so happy I get paid to do this.

Thank you for reading.

I love you