Beware the Girl Ghost

Another big misconception people have about the dead is that they think because a girl spirit is actively attaching to them that she’s in need of help or protection, not realising she’s a dark, twisted trouble maker hell bent in destroying or fixing your life.

Negative energy can only come in to our lives by two means.

1) Invitation: you do things like occult rituals, seances, ouija, scrying, EVP sessions etc….

The dead would never communicate in such ways unless it was necessary. These means of Spirit communication aren’t accurate, are open to suggestion and interpretation and are never conducted with experts like myself at the helm.

It’s usually the first real introduction a teenager has with “The Dead”.

Except it’s not the dead. It’s the manifestation of an overactive mind and strong telekinetic energy collectively making things happen out of sheer want.

However it’s never done with stable and knowledge minds.

There is always someone in the circle that doubts, fears, or secretly harbours depression, anger, or pain and they are exactly who the trouble makers in the realms of darkness target.

2) You create it.

Our brains are the most powerful computers in the Universe and we haven’t even begun to understand it’s awesome powers yet because we’re too busy fighting over stupid shit like personal bloody pronouns.

But I know exactly how powerful the brain is because with the right training we can manipulate and step outside of time essentially never dying on a conscious level.

Which means if I do this right, long after my body dies I’ll still be opening my big trap on here lol haha

But while our gifts are in all of us so is our need to protect and nurture.

It’s in our fabric to want to protect children, animals, the vulnerable. There is a little Empath in all of us depending on how many lives you’ve lived will depend on how strong of one you are.

Someone like me who’s an emotional, blithering fool of emotion and feeling has had more than someone who cares more for animals than humans for example.

That’s not to say they don’t care, it just means they haven’t lived enough to understand the complexities of Energy + Emotion = Empath.

And there are varying levels of energy. The strength of empathic ability will solely rely on the level of emotion and energy involved.

Someone seeing their child suffering from cancer is going to show more empathy than watching an adult in a different continent suffer for example.

As a parent there is nothing worse or cuts you to the soul than seeing your child sick or helpless.

We all have siblings, nieces, nephews, little cousins, friends etc….(with younger family members).

It’s in our nature to want to protect our extended tribe. Deep down we know we’re all genetically linked. We all came from that same one Ape, that same speck of dust that flew through space. We are ONE.

When they hurt, we hurt. That’s Empathy. An Empath though is someone who lives and breathes the hurt, the joy, emotion attached to organic existence so don’t confuse the two.

Sympathy is showing empathy for someone without emotion attached.

We can say all “Sorry for your loss” to someone and not really think about the emotion behind it, or mean it. Then two minutes later be watching a comedy on TV and not think twice.

An Empath will cry with the ones grieving. They’ll feel compelled to help.

So depending on how your feeling in life will depend on how strong any dead person or manifestation will be around you.

They need your energy to manifest in the first place remember.

So….what’s the quickest way anything looking to attach upon invitation will go about it?

By playing on your emotions.

Girls…..and females in distress.

Our big stinky, gorgeous men folk are instinctually protective of females. It’s a Man Mammals very purpose to protect his tribe, his woman and his spawn.

We can’t deny them of that. Because it’s in a woman’s nature to want to nurture their tribe, man and spawn.

It’s inherit in all of us to want to nurture and protect something more vulnerable than us.

We can’t evolve without everything helping everything to get there.

It’s part of being civilized.

So when you do something to invite trouble, trouble is going to come in a way that gets the job done quick.

So they create themselves to be either your worst nightmare (because only you know what your deepest fears are) or they trigger your protective mode.

(With the exception of course of the Spirits of actual dead children from the past, Time Bends (what I call Ghosting), or the Spirit of someone you’ve lost.)

If I had $1 for every time I’ve had to talk someone into getting rid of the Girl Ghost because they’ve felt protective of her.

Some have even gone so far as to tell them to follow them once they move.

Which of course a trickster would LOVE to oblige.

Negative energy that follows us through life is often the result of some psychological damage done as a child manifesting itself in adulthood.

But sometimes it can start from childhood if the child’s gift is strong enough.

Some of us are stronger than others even as children. Genetics plays the biggest reason why.

Because cultures like mine that are Tribal Islanders will be more Spiritually inclined than someone born to white Christians people in Vermont for example.

My ancestors have had longer to develop their ability because they’ve been doing it longer is what I mean.

So how do you tell the difference between a genuine girl spirit and a fake?

1) A genuine Spirit doesn’t attach

2) They don’t tell you to hurt yourself or anyone else

3) They don’t demand, control or dictate how you should behave.

4) They won’t make you unhappy

5) They’ll won’t get upset when you tell them your getting rid of them. They would in fact appreciate it. All child Spirits need crossing over if they’re trapped.

6) A girl spirit won’t just appear out of nowhere. If they’re trapped and residing in the building your in they will have been there before you moved in and after you move out. They will have a presence you know preeeeety early on in your being there. A Girl Ghost just appears one day. (Unless of course they were placed there when you moved in BUT the same 7 rules apply. It changes nothing except adds a caveat because she’s only going to have an effect on her if you let it so your still responsible for inviting her in to YOUR psyche).

7) They don’t appear to become more destressed and vulnerable the minute they know your on to them. They will try to ramp up the empathy factor. Which works more often than you think people trust me.

Getting into your head is exactly what they want so they can mess with it.

Once they get in they become like leeches that can be extremely difficult to remove because it requires you fighting the depression or fear your facing.

It can take years, or they kill you and win.

Yes, they can actually take your life.

How? Because they suck your life force. They drain your energy through depression, mental or physical illness, addiction, and exhaustion.

I know I say the dark side are just trying to help us so we can all evolve but they have a job to do also. They have their owns ends to meet. If they teach you a lesson that saves or changes your life then all well and good but the core fundamental still exists.

They’re out to test your faith by destroying as much of it as they can.

Do you choose the light or the dark.

They are a part of the weight placed in your scale to test your balance.

“Which way did the scale tip today? Are they in a positive frame of mind or negative frame of mind? Let’s see shall we?” Kind of thing.

That’s the dark side.

And if they know your going to respond to your manly urge to protect or female urge to nurture they gonna be a Girl Ghost.

So don’t be fooled.

They’re called Tricksters for a reason.

Not every girl who has died has long, lank dark hair and long night dress on.

Please don’t believe everything you see.

The fear of the paranormal is always worse than the reality of it.