Why loving our pets is the hardest love of all.

Most of us have had pets at some point in our lives. Most of us have a pet or 6 right now.

Most of us have a favourite animal and we all go gooey over one or all of the above.

Sometimes we’re more attached to our pets, more protective of them than members of our own family.

Have you ever wondered why? Have you ever wondered why our pets die to protect us? Die to save us? Die to let go of burden? Well (apart from Cats who are arseholes and would eat us the second before we stopped breathing if they were hungry enough) I’m going to tell you why in essence,….your pet is the greatest love of all and why it hurts more to love them than loving your own flesh and blood.

Firstly, most of us feel an obligation to love family. Rightly or wrongly, most of us have a family member or two we have a bond with and others we can’t stand or even hate.

Some of us get on great with everyone. Some have nothing to do with anyone, but will have a soft spot for someone.

Even me who has no contact with family back home have a special tug in my heart for members of my family, extended family included.

But we come into that relationship with them from birth and it develops from the point of birth because your genetically bound.

But a pet is brought in by choice. We all recall the moment we locked eyes on our little fluff/scale/fur/spiked/feathered bundle of joy. Whether bought, found, rescued or gifted the minute we locked eyes, the need to be together becomes magnetic.

The laws of attraction is in more ways than you think.

You immediately become bound to enter into a Spiritual partnership. A marriage of souls. You vow to love, honour, obey (yes obey, let me explain), in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, for richer for poorer as long as you both shall live.

If you truly love your pets you’ll be nodding your head right now.

Now to obey, if you have that bond with your pet, they listen to you.

My arsehole understands my words. If I tell him go downstairs he will, if I say ‘Want dindins? He goes to his bowl’ etc…. I worm him, flea him, keep him warm in his old age and love him unconditionally even when he scratches your face off for giving him a £50,00 cat toy lol But in the same respect, he loves me unconditionally, even when I’m the one being an arsehole. But these are rules we both adhere to when we make the promise to obey the laws within those rules you created together.

My cat is the one who hugs me first when I walk in the door.

I’m the one he goes to with his mouse’s head and when he wants his cat cocaine (because I’m his dealer). When he’s hungry and I’m not paying attention he knocks at the door of my wardrobe because it rattles and I work mostly from my bedroom.

But most importantly, if there is trouble coming near our turf he’s the FIRST one to let me know. Be it mortal or not.

Our pets will ALWAYS show us signs of something or someone not being right.

If you really know your pet, be it fish, horse, parrot, bear, dog, snake, whatever…….if you love them, they ALWAYS let you know they don’t like someone or something isn’t right. They read the atmosphere around energy better than we can by a factor or a gazillion infinity precent as my boy would say.

Anyone can say to you “I don’t like that person, you can’t trust them” and you’ll think ‘ock your being jealous/over protective or paranoid’.

But if you know your pets doing it you automatically think twice about the person and you know I’m right.

They’ll act a certain way around someone that gets their or your heckles up…..and you pay a little closer attention to the person or situation than you did before. If your dog or cat starts growling, there is nothing that chills you to the bone quicker or get your adrenaline pumping faster. Especially if they begin to howl. It goes through your soul.

They’re the most honest too.

Pets don’t lie to you. If your pissing them off, they’re not afraid to tell you. You know where you stand, no fooling no-one. But when they love you they aren’t afraid to say it either. No matter where or when and in front of whom.

ALL animals show love. ALL animals are capable of love and loyalty regardless of species. It goes beyond species. It’s on a Spiritual level. That’s why you get people like Jane Goodall and David Bellamy and Steve Erwin for example. Coco learned sign language because she respects the idea behind intra species communication. It helps both species evolve. Chimpanzee and Orangutan want to learn it too. They’re bored. They need stimulation in these enclosure’s. Like toddler’s.

But they’re all proof animals are happy to co exist and love us. Steve Erwin died doing what he loved. He died at the hands of something he had nothing but love and respect for and while tragic and too soon that was his path.

He chose his death and I think he’s quite pleased with that because he left a legacy no-one else will ever leave again. He showed the planet in all its glory. He made people excited about the beasts upon it especially the scary ones who get a bad reputation.

I’ve been to his Zoo. It’s awesome. The animals are happy.

But the thing is, animals are and were at one point…..us.

We give everything ago. That’s why we share genes with others species, animal, mineral and vegetable. Were made of salt, calcium, iron, we have pig, daffodil, dolphin, ape etc…in us. That’s fact. So of course we give it a go.

That’s what I mean when I say something is on old soul. Lived many lives of many species, not just human.

Our animals know this too. They see all of us and we them. We just don’t realise it.

When you see a sad dog you see a helpless child, gorilla, forest of trees being chopped down for bespoke kitchens, you see the pain of the Universe.

It is possible for humans to have never lived a life other than this one by the way. While we’re on the subject.

They’re very rare though. They’re the ones who view life with brand new eyes. Everything excites them. Like they’re seeing everything for the first time.

But pets are either here to make up for something or as a reward for a job not quite complete but over once it’s done. Meaning they get to evolve beyond needing rebirth as something or someone. They go up a level and closer to the infinite light. ie the light of creation.

If they die for us, protect us, warn us, love us like no other they die and evolve.

There is a down side to the love they have for us though and that is they won’t live as long or out live us but either way the time between the two great loves of each others lives is short.

But what you need to know is your pets, because you tell them everything before anyone else, because they read energy not words, will take your burden on as theirs and will choose death over being your burden.

If your pet knows or feels it is causing you stress they will remove themselves to release your burden.

Because they love you THAT much.

Believe it or not I get paid at least once a week to read someone’s pet. People will send me pics and I’ll read them over email lol

I love Natural Telepathy. It’s my favourite gift. I have even read dogs palms.

I LOVE when they tell me about their past lives.

I’ve had a Fireman and a Police Officer killed in the line of duty come back as a Horse and Dog.

I’ve had a rock star come back as a deaf dog. War heroes, scientists, farmers, murderers, wives, elderly etc…come back as snakes, pigs, cats, pigeons, monkeys, rats etc….they have so much character because of it.

They always lift our Spirits, they do what ever is necessary for us to love them because they will NEVER forget what your doing for them.

Our kids grow up and one day they won’t need us anymore. As parents it’s our job to raise them to a point and then let society help raise them from there. It’s the call of nature in every living thing.

The creators of life get that life to a point where it can get itself off on its own journey to find it’s co creator so it can ensure a part of it continues somewhere, because one day it’s journey will cease but it’s ensured a part of it survives in the fabric of time. This is why remembering our loved ones is so important. It keeps the thread of existence going for them. Memories are pieces of time. The more you remember them the more they get to travel through the fabric of time.

So anyway, our kids get to school age or even homeschooled like mine have play dates with friends and get taken out almost daily to be in society.

We’re teaching our kids how to deal with all the complexities of living. The good, the bad, the practical, the logical, the ugly and the honest of life in an ever changing world.

So that one day they fly the nest to find their means to start the chain of progeny in your link of genetic code.

It’s called biology. It’s the way of evolving living organisms. It’s in our code to do this. Nothing can exist without biology. The two co creators of a new life, the male, female, light, dark balance of all creation is biology.

It’s happening whether we control it or not.

But when we have a pet, we break the code to add something we aren’t obligated to love biologically like they are progeny like a pet.

They know we are willing to put our genetic differences aside to love them like we would our own spawn.

That’s huge for them. Especially if they came from a past where they never knew such loyalty and love.

Even my arsehole pain in the bum loves me like no other. The cats in the neighbourhood are terrified of him. We SWEAR to you he ate the neighbours cat twice his size. Lol

One day he fought this big fluffy monster. Looked like a show cat it was so beautiful. We heard our boy scream like a little psycho as he does. Biff bam Boom, he comes in with fluff in his mouth and we NEVER saw the cat again. EVER and the neighbours never moved.

But he’s like that because he loves his family that much. He goes out defending his core territory. The same way a dog will bark at the gate or door and a bird squawks, they’re doing their bit to protect their persons.

Some will even work along side you. Up early every morning gathering, up at night patrolling, sleeping with eyes half open or ready to pounce at a moment’s notice.

They record your existence too because your part of their time line as well.

They will call for help quicker, jump up faster, attack without fear or regard for their own safety and keep you warm, keep you company, tell you your beautiful, tell you your loved, needed and wanted better than any living person.

They are who lights us up at the end of a shit day. Be honest….if you have kids no matter how much you love them or your spouse/partner we have all had days where when we hear the noise, nagging, arguements, expectation, need and want coming and thought ‘just give me 5 damn minutes of peace and quiet? for the love of blob just 5 minutes”.

But as soon as we see our pet our Spirits are lifted.

They greet you in a way that’s uplifting because instead of telling you off because you hung up to avoid a fight, or because your kids who are old enough to get cereal or a sandwich are bugging you because their hungry, or the phones ringing etc….it’s a reminder of things yet to deal with when you’d rather just slump with a glass of wine or a joint with your pants off and eat a pizza.

I ALWAYS walk around my room in just a shirt and panties because it’s comfortable for me. And unlike my kids my cat doesn’t say “Mama looks like jam donut coloured in a white crayon” said by my then 4yr old. Lol kids are arseholes too lol that’s why I love them so much. While my husband is scared for his very life to say if my bum looks big in something, my eldest will say yes unequivocally without a shadow of a doubt without missing a beat. He’s the one I go to for an honest opinion about my ensemble.

I knew then after he said that it was time to lose weight.

Where as my cat won’t notice my rolls and sit on my ample chest he loves so much and appreciate the fat as extra padding for him to lay upon.

If I’m sad he is there, if I’m on the loo he’s there, if I’m hungry he’ll help me eat the food, especially melon, I taught him to climb a tree. He taught me to identify dark side outside. He has rocked his baby brother to sleep, kissed the boys when they’re sad, crying, anything not loud and annoying in any way.

He used to guard their doors when people came to the house.

Now he just mostly punches them as they walk down the stairs lol apart from when they’re sick, crying or getting hugs from Mummy. Then he’s jealous or helpful and nurturing depending on his mood.

Our holidays even revolve around whether we can take our pets or find a suitable carer for them.

I start to miss my boy after about an hour. My tummy is in knots when I come home. I’m always so happy to see him. Then we get minutes of hugs and at least two days of being treated like an arse for leaving. He’ll use my lap but in silent protest.

He’ll climb over the boys to get my absolute attention because he’s so jealous.

But then he’ll smash my phone pretending he’s practicing hunting but we I know it’s to show his disdain for me not worshipping him there that very second more than the TV or phone/baby, keyboard.

Their survival depends on you and sometimes yours theirs.

It’s a perfect explanation of symbiosis.

No-one knows you better or loves you more unconditionally than your pet.

That’s why it hurts so bad to lose one.

The loyalty of a pet and them of you is by choice.

Dogs go above and beyond. That’s why they’re the best to work along side us.

A horse wouldn’t choose to go into a battlefield willingly but a dog will without fail or hesitation even with a bomb on its back.

Pets will get us drinks, hunt our food, answer our phones if we can’t and even pull us around on their backs. Anything to lighten our load. Very few of us can say that about members of our own family. While some of us would not all, or is will willing.

Some just won’t all together. We all have them in our family too.

Your pet will travel to the edge of the earth with you if it made you happy.

As long as it’s them you do it with because they literally live to be a part of your journey. They chose you the second they laid eyes on you too.

Your part of their story too.

Letting go of each other is the worst feeling for us but never for them. They don’t see death the same way as we do. They know it’s not final. But if it helps you, they die quick, if it’s going to hurt they will hold on and suffer.

That’s why it’s easier to have our dog or pet put down our terminally ill loved ones.

We release them of their pain because we love them on a deeper. Not more than loved ones, but deeper. Because love of family is linked to duty, be it genetically or socially.

But a pet is by choice. An option we enter into upon agreement.

They’re your person and your theirs.

That’s why letting go of your pet is the most selfless act a human can do.

It’s recognising the suffering and honouring the place they held on your time line.

It’s validation of their worth that you helped ease their suffering, gave them a good life and loved them unconditionally and without question.

Just like they were for you.

If you want to know the definition of unconditional love look at your pet or get a pet. I know people, good people all over the world who have pets waiting to find a good home. Pets are the personification of love.

They are noble and wise. Non judgemental or bigoted. Lazy or dishonest and we have so much to learn from them.

So next time you look at your pet, see the person they used to be and love them for the beast they are now because they could of chosen to be human again but instead they chose to be with you. So how lucky are you?

Dedicated to Beth and Pear and all the other people and their pets no matter who or what you are.

And also to my Schmoopy. My familiar, my soul mate, my best friend. No-one loves me like you do. Your just as important to me as Chipotle lol haha see I can be an arsehole too lol