I just exploded my house getting upset 😯

So I woke up to find out someone I know wiped out my bank account by taking two payments for something instead of one.

I immediately started freaking out and crying because I pay for my husbands college tuition and phone bill at the start of every month and by this person taking two payments when only authorised to take 1 it wiped me out.

So when I went into a crying hysterical rage I blew up the electricity box.

My ex has just been on the phone with Southern Electric. It will get sorted this afternoon.

See….this is why my teacher banned me from using Telekinesis.

This stuff is no joke if you don’t know what your doing and I know what I’m doing.

We’re on an electric and gas meter in this house. We didn’t realize until we moved in it wasn’t a standard box.

Now my ex has gotten in to it I’m just hoping we don’t run out of power before they get this fixed.

Im now just trying to remain calm and my head is pounding.

I’m just trying to figure out what the fuck I’m gonna do. So I need calm. I can’t blow up another electricity meter box……