The MIA and where they really are.

As one who’s Father was in the New Zealand Army for well over 30yrs I have a special affinity with the forces.

Twice my Father passed his SAS training and we never found out why he never joined but my Father was a very proud military man.

So naturally having grown up army where being taken to school in the back of a jeep was common if I was running late etc….I loved the military too. I grew up with a deep respect for the military wives holding the fort down for their men serving their country. I also had a deep respect for the soldiers themselves but not just Army, all of them.

I’ve drunk with Russian Sailors, I’ve drunk with British Airmen, Marines, you name it.

The love is there. It takes a brave person and I don’t care what anyone says men in uniform are hot.

Uniforms just do something to me lol

My husband will have a toy box full of costumes HAHAHA

But my Father as you know was super gifted. My Mum the Witch basically, Mother Earth. My Dad was the Ghost Whisperer. He feared his gift but never let us fear ours.

He introduced me to death young. He has a thing for the Paranormal, Macabre, Unsolved, Unexplained of our world and Universe and it was he I attribute as my first mentor.

I guess I thought if I got what he was into he’d like me more. It turned into a good thing even if it didn’t bring us closer. Because it enhanced my gift exponentially and because of things I examined back then im not doing what in doing now in this post.

One of the things that fascinating me as a child were the MIA of wars and military exercises.

I know MIA can mean blown to bits in a training exercise, to taken to a secret base and experimented on through to killed in action and taken hostage.

It always bothered me how people could just vanish who were trained to survive at all cost.

Then I started being around serving military and veterans of war. WW2, Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan and we talk.

And now they turning up at my door to tell me their stories.

And im adding two and two together.

The Super Soldier program.

The ones who show remarkable ability in the psychic sciences.

The MIB are the result.

Because I kept being shown Slenderman, and MIB the movie, being shown this dream I had of the last of our pals upstairs on earth before fleeing, they’re back now, this was a few years ago. But they had to leave in order to help us flush out the darkness.

Anyway I keep being shown things about these soldiers, they get taken under the desert and lakes and hidden inside the mountains.

Mind swept, brainwashed, trained, toned, cloned etc…..

They test your ability turning basic training and have done since WW2 did you know that?

My Dad told me that.

It was worse in Korea and Nam. They really ramped up the programs then because they had the alien technology then.

Roswell was totally a diversion tactic to stop America from going to war with Cuba. It gave them enough time between 1947-1959 to start getting enough from it to divert attention away from a war on American soil which had it of happened would spell the end of the world right now.

The cleansing would never of happened and we’d all be dead.

Our buddies up there knew what they were doing. Their props department deserve a pay rise if they did money lol

But the best soldiers were taken and wiped off the books to cover any training or programming mishaps and a lot of the failed ones come back so fucked in the head they live between reality and fear because they had doors opened now unable to be shut and I am trying to help them close the doors because otherwise they blow their brains out and Im not having that on my watch.

Most of them go into it with an ideal that quickly gets destroyed and they’re left to rot when they no longer serve a purpose to the fat cunts in office who profit from it and that sickens me because war has NEVER made a loss. Someone always makes a shit ton of money so much so that you can sponsor war.

Ask KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hutt, Toyota, Subway and our ever present corporate sponsor of war Coca Cola.

Someone I spoke to who was in Nam referred to it as The Coca Cola war.

One thing I know is it made these guys come back with a need to want to understand everything they saw and experienced and I’d have to say without a shadow of a doubt Soldiers make the best gifteds so I can see why the program is so popular.

I’d train them quicker though and better and I’d do it without trauma or damage to the soldier.

They’ve done this so wrong it’s why they have to clone. It goes wrong too quick because they’ve approached it all wrong and I could do it in 2yrs less if they show an aptitude for the training plus the living only live so long and they need some soldiers to protect them when they’ve wiped most of us out and have no one left to fight for us. Clones don’t talk or have a conscience.

2yrs and I’d have X-men with abilities to read nature as though it’s talking in your living room with a cup of tea, remote view, time travel, self heal, Telepathy, telekinetics, physically fit, never sick, high IQ, incredible memories, excellent judgement and observation skills and always honest.

They’d be happy and powerful but I’d want to test the ones who have seen active duty first.

But this is one of the reasons why Life Beyond will be for veterans of war as well as homeless men and ex felons.

I don’t know why I feel responsible for these men. I can’t explain it but I do.

I think it’s because I better than anyone know the human side of death and they’re trained to see death as human and that’s not ok.

I don’t like seeing gifts exploited because there is no desensitization programs to this stuff after if it goes wrong. It bothers me no-one cares. These are someone’s children and we’re mind fucking them then throwing them away or killing them off when they’re no longer fit for purpose and that’s just not ok.

Once im ruler of the paranormal world in gonna get this shit sorted.

Once my doors are open in going to take care of them myself if no-one else will do it.

Then if we can’t bring these boys/girls home we can at least honour them for all they’ve sacrificed whether they knew it or not.

Life Beyond will be my greatest achievement next to having my children.

And rest assured, the ones I have here who got brought by the children will be crossed over.

The Littlest Trump

Why am I always worried about him?

It bothers me. I feel a need to protect him.

No-one would target a child right?

I hope I am wrong.

I just keep hearing “protect the left side” over and over.

It’s like he’s waiting to get into a car.

My heart is pounding.

He’s ok though. I never see harm. I know whatever im feeling he’s ok at the end of it but the fear leaves a mark that’s far reaching within the family.

No-one would get close enough to the President’s youngest child I imagine so maybe I’ll over thinking something. I can’t imagine for one minute Mr Trump wouldn’t have his top people on his kids. I am just documenting it I guess. If in not seeing the bigger picture I will at some point. But it’s here first.

But I can’t stop thinking about this boy.

And the man in the Hawaiian shirt.

Im just glad he’s ok because I don’t want to be the crazy lazy who rings the White House to leave a prediction with front desk then end up surrounded by cop cars.


Child Spirit Number 7

He’s been coming to me for two days but I never got a clear image of him until yesterday. My boys have been ill so im being Mum more than writer/weirdo at the moment.

But I know he was whipped Cheeses style.

He was bound by the wrists and placed chest down over a square rock that looked like the sorcerer’s stone. It was square but with rounded edges. It looked carved at, chipped at to look natural but the top of the rock was flat. It was large enough that no average guy could lift it.

Rope bound each wrist and they were being held into place on either wall.

He’s being whipped and he’s used to it to the point where he learned not to cry years ago.

But he’s weak, he’s ill, he’s willed his death. He knows it’s never going to end for him until he’s dead so he’s just letting himself die.

He’s about 9/10yrs old. He’s got dark brown hair. He’s just laying on top of this rock giving up and he’s happy for the first time in 8yrs because he knows the next whip ends it.

And now he’s here with me. I have incredible pain in my right upper jaw like my teeth were being removed.

I know this sounds fucked up…but he says they do it to minimise the effects of being bitten during forced oral sex because of gag reflexes.

I’ve never heard of this but if he says it in not going to doubt it one bit.

Im gathering people to help me now. They just refuse to leave until they’re all together. No man left behind.

It’s beautiful but it’s got to be done soon because my boys are inundated with contact and it’s making them anxious to send them to peace.

I hope this ends soon. There is only so much I can take.


Sorry it some how got switched to a Lil Wayne video?????

Go get em. Ya know back in 2001 when I started documenting all of this stuff people disowned my ex and I. People just recently disowned me because I was “a conspiracy theorists” “one of them” and “delusional” when I spoke about the NWO and their agenda. No-one knew who they were. I lost income, friends, reputation and was ridiculed standing for my truth so these voiceless victims yet to die and had already could be heard.

Now the President of the United States of ‘This’merica says the words that came from my lips that lost me so much.

So to all of those who turned their backs on me for believing the dead I say


Our Planet Doesn’t Lie and what did I say?

Remember? I said “Just before the pinnacle of the cleansing we would see a rise in natural disasters because the earth is gearing up to ride herself of the parasites. She’s in pain and she’s taken enough. So now she’s done scratching she’s going to going in for the kill.

Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Mudslides, Storms, Fires, Rain, Snow etc….and I’ve been stating for days the clouds are quite and the birds are gathering.

I can hear them getting ready. This planet is preparing for War.

Not WW3, I’m talking The end of the world AS WE KNOW IT!!

The end of darkness. The end of days and the dawn of a new era. The New Renaissance. I’m sorry to tell you all but the Age of Aquarius has already been and we missed it.