So I know I’m not dying lol

This is just a wee note for those contacting me to ask if I’m ok after yesterday’s “developments” lol

I’m perfectly fine now. I do feel like I’ve been ground down by one of those stone wheels that grinds flour in a windmill but apart from that I’m fine.

Psychologically I’m still trying to process what happened but physically I’m fine.

I have a BP monitor, diabetes testing kit, thermometer and urine test strips.

Whenever ANYTHING happens like this I monitor my vitals.

Even with my heart pounding so hard out of my chest yesterday it was making my shirt move to the rhythm of the beat my BP and pulse were perfectly normal.

It was the weirdest thing. I use the urine test strips because underlying medical conditions can cause physical reactions attributed to these kinds of episodes.

But while my house is full, FULL, it’s quiet.

It was bad enough my ex and Pixie were worried about it putting me in hospital but I’m completely fine now.

Once my Conscious self took over the physical and psychological reactions calmed down and balanced out once I was able to explain it to my brian lol

My biggest issue is my subconscious freaks out and tries to make sense of what it knows isn’t a common occurrence.

But Paranormal means Extra or Other Normal. So it just means your brain needs time to register that which is completely normal for a Spirit because it’s not for a mortal.

Extra, Other normal. Ergo: Don’t forget to the higher you this is perfect normal on top of what is normal for the physical self too.

It’s all linked….all connected.

So don’t worry my Babies, I’m fine. Just a little sore but I’ll have a work out and a hot bath then rest once I’ve finished work.

The last episode was me getting a crossbow in my back during dinner. But he died instantly so I’m grateful at least for that. The girl in the bath and little girls weren’t so lucky. 😖😞😟😭

Thank you so much for your messages of love and concern. I love you all so much.