My son saw the dead homeless man.

He just came in and said Mum I just had a man come into the living, almost pick up a toy and sit in the couch.

I asked him what he looked like.

He said “brown hair, brown bears with grey through it, he had brown skin like Spare Dad (so Latino colour) and brown eyes and his shoes had holes”. He said “Mum he didn’t scare me but I think he’s waiting and just wanted to snuggle because he was nice and warm next to me. 😖

I told asked him what he was wearing and he said he thought they were overalls but they could of been jeans too big for him. Then he said “But at least he was cleaned up this time”.

I reassured him I’m crossing him over.

I mention this because I’m on my exercise bike typing this but when I was on my rowing machine I saw a young man around 20-26yrs old. Short light brown hair, fair skin, stone washed jeans and a blue and white striped collared shirt walk up the hallway.

He peeked around the corner at me when he realized I was right there.

My dead are very polite when I’m in my bedroom.

Only the little kids come barging in but I don’t mind at all. But this young man looked as pale and thin as all get out.

I’m white, like I’m dayglow white. And he looked like that but I could tell it wasn’t natural. He was only there for a millisecond.

He was about 5’10 give or take. He was slender but looked gaunt. He looked very sure of himself in the hallway until he saw I was in the doorway of my room then he vanished.

He looked like he went missing in these clothes and in about the 1980s – early 1990s.

I can’t tell if he dies recently or a while ago though. There’s so many here it’s hard to tell unless they talk to me which he wasn’t.

As always will keep you posted.