The “Trump” events as I’m told.

They’ve been leading up to the exposure of the Church, Royals, Elites and Celebrities because the truth once out will not be handled well if done on one large doses.

So with Assange and countries like Russia, Hungary, Poland etc….they are systematically and strategically placing information out there so the realization of the true extent of things will trickle down slowly.

Remember I said months ago, it starts in America and ends in the UK.

If now the Queen has been found guilty by absentia for child sex trafficking and murder, Trump announces the freezing of her assets in his State of The Union address, then it means the allegations are true.

For all who fought for her, for all who died for her, for all who stood in allegiance with her, this will have devastating consequences.

And this could be why the Cleansing ends in the UK because the British will be devastated beyond all reasoning.

I have seen many many of her properties bring looted and destroyed.

But I feel she won’t live for the trial because I predict her and Phillip will be dead soon.

Charles will never be King and William will dissolve the Monarchy because he’s the GOOD royal.

Harry’s marriage to the American isn’t for love. It’s to get them in to America again through marriage.

I believe William loves his wife and wants a normal life.

His Mother made sure she gave him normal. Because of that he will be happy walking away with his wife and kids in tow.

Charles won’t be so lucky.

Trump along with Assange (two white haired men actually lol) will save the world from total annihilation of civilization as we know it.

And I saw it when I was 19. How cool is that?

The same year I stood in my Aunties kitchen is in Palmerston North and talked about my ideal man.

I was into C&C music factory then so I wanted a hot Latin guy lol

My Nicaraguan, New York born husband was born the same year I said all of this.

I have to tell you though. My stomach is in knots and I can’t stop crying.

I see these babies, these children. They’re standing right in front of me as I type this.

My head hurts and I want to be sick.

I understand why they’re coming now. Because they know they’re free and the survivors will be rescued.

By the way….the sister joined my older boy.

She was strangled or suffocated. Her face is purple and her eyes have petechial hemorrhaging.

I think k they stomped on her head after with a pillow over her face. Because they didn’t want to look at her.

This is why I’m not sure if she was strangled or suffocated. Because she showed me the pillow on her face and chest but her eyes and face suggest strangled.

The man was aroused when he did it.

He looks every inch the child sex offender. His fat hairy hands all greased up and sweaty from his filthy hygiene and bad diet.

His disgusting belly and phlegm filled lungs, smokey cough.

Execution will be too good for these people.

Most will be taken down by the masses in a Stalin stylee.

I saw many bodies of the elites, privileged and those who organise, arrange, collect, supply and participate for money, fame or standing in these historical events being bloodied and beaten like orange pulp in the streets.

The arrests will be in the tens of thousands globally. It will take about 20yrs to try and convict them all.

It’s on so many levels. From parents and families who sell or give up the children, to those who record it, drive them, hide them, pay for it, protect them, defend them, kill them etc…all the lackeys, all the hired goons and drivers, cooks, cleaners etc…if you knew and did nothing or made money from it…..your going down.

I don’t know why I keep seeing those two women from The Real House Wives of Beverly Hills bloodied either.

This is it. I can’t stop crying.

My heart is pounding.

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