The stress of all of this is too much

My heart is pounding, I can’t stop crying.

Spirit WTF? I don’t understand what’s going on. Did someone involved in all of this just take the injection?

Or is this something else?

Why can’t I stop crying?

My solar plexus is in KNOTS and my chest is pounding so hard out of my chest it’s thumping through my shirt.

The children are piling up and bringing homeless people with them now.

There is like a…..what’s the word in looking for?

Mass exodus of Spirits gathering in my home and it’s hard to breathe. To make matters worse my children just got up and said their toys from last night had moved from where they were placed last night.

The children have come to me because they know what I am. But I think they have come first……to bring the others. The pressure building up inside me is immense now.

I can’t see normally for seeing the dead that are turning up in droves.

The pain is getting bad. I am trying not to panic but I think I can’t be alone today.

I think I need someone with me because I am actually afraid of what’s gonna happen today.

I hope it’s just a panic event because I know what’s about to happen.

I promise to document it all here though.

Just please bear with me because I genuinely don’t know what about to happen.

It feels like something has been injected into my right upper arm and I feel the chemicals in my blood stream. The blurred vision is masked by the dead I see, my head is pounding and hot, I’m feeling crushed under the pressure. My stomach is in knots and my heart is thumping out of my chest.

Is this me or is someone big about to die of a heart attack to escape the trial of what’s coming to them?

The children are so vast in number in my home now. It’s like…the more I talk to you the more they come.

But they’re bringing others with them.

The children are all happy here, the adults are confused and unsure until they see me looking at them.

My house has dropped about 5 degrees in the last 10 minutes.

My children know NOTHING of these events and yet I can hear them discussing why the toys got moved.

They placed them in position to continue the game in the morning and got up and Tel toys were in a different room to where they left them and three were placed away from where they were left. My kids make home videos with their toys and stopped recording to go to bed.

Everything was left in position to resume film making lol their Lucas and Speilberg at the moment lol I love it. But my eldest accused my youngest of moving stuff even though they got up together.

They’re currently talking about the little boy who has a dirty face and hands.

I’m scared…but only because I don’t understand if what I’m feeling is a physical thing, a psychological thing or Paranormal thing.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted if I’m able.

Why can’t I stop crying?