Someone is trying to stop me talking?

My phone crashes every time I try to do a WordPress, or Facebook article.

It freezes and then crashes losing content. It says Error when I try to upload stuff.

When I dial a number there is a digital bleeping sound just after the number is dialled and the call begins to connect.

My internet and WiFi is so slow it can take 5 minutes for a page to load and my 1yr old phone is taking three charges a day after working perfectly fine for all this time apart from the last couple of weeks.

Emails are turning up in Spam from people I talk to daily with some of the content removed or not appearing at all.

Facebook won’t put all my content up. YouTube are stopping people from liking, sharing or subscribing to my content.

Twitter has been surprisingly cool.

TopBuzz ASKED me to join lol

But I’m being watched and now so are my three senior students. The ones on this mission with me. If we try to do ANYTHING together over the internet it is interfered with but only when talking to me. And now my VPN keeps disconnecting and trying to say I have no internet connection after weeks of working fine.

Why Spy? Can’t they just ask me what I see?

I must be interesting lol