So to clarify

Mainstream media won’t report this but Trump is expected to announce the freezing the Queen’s US assets because she has been found guilty of Child Sex Trafficking in his State of The Union address today.

If he does……’s on.

Let’s see shall we. Is he brave enough?

It’s going to happen whether it’s him or not.

I wonder if the Queen and Phillip pop their clogs now like so many are?

The rats are getting desperate now, trying to jump ship and countries like America and Russia are going to bag them all and throw them to the cats.

With the rate I have children Spirits turning up on my doorstep now I’d say they’re trying to get rid of evidence in more ways than one.

I can’t stop crying. My heart is weeping because the truth of what my dead have been saying for years is finally coming out and in weeping for those we have saved and those we couldn’t.

My heart hurts today.

But it’s because now…NOW..our planet can start to heal once the trash is taken out.

I can’t wait to get the Two nights for the price of One deal at the Buckingham Palace casino and resort hahaha fuck that…I wouldn’t stay in that Murder Den if I won it and it came with my Husband wrapped in a bow with a billion quid in his Thong. (That’s G string, to Aussies, not the Jandal lol).

Why am I so emotional? The tears are pouring out.