Does my body prepare itself for Time Slips before I know it’s coming?

I’ve noticed a correlation between my Time Slips and the way my body seems to fast naturally before it happens.

I had a flash of light the other day but this time I was in the room with the flash. It was small. Tiny in fact. Barely enough to register it was a flash.

But then the next day I was nauseated and couldn’t eat.

As you know from past posts my time slips make me exhausted and hungry after the event because of the fact I seem to know what’s coming.

I spent Sunday and Monday on the couch because I couldn’t sleep, because I felt anxious about something and didn’t want to wake anyone up.

This thing with the kids and events surrounding my life have been overwhelming. I wish my seniors were here to help me because they take over thinking for me because I become so discombobulated.

Pixie is training well in the art of Mama Goes Dead Time lol she is also instrumental to a lot of my recent events because she’s a trigger for such events. She feels it the way I do.

But I’ve noticed that every time a flash happens I seem to stop eating, and sleeping.

It’s like it knows on a full stomach or sleepy I won’t be alert and it makes sense because when I do The Craft work, I fast and don’t sleep.

It makes me concentrate better, we focus better when food isn’t making us sluggish.

So are these flashes of light a heads up or me seeing time opening up? I just don’t know.

I haven’t figured it out yet.

I just know that it’s quiet outside, I have about 1000 dead children and homeless people now milling about my house, 44 is everywhere, and my brain is having trouble trying to comprehend all the voices and images it’s seeing.

I don’t think even me with my used to death in all forms realizes how bad this is going to get.

If I’m emotional at the thought of babies being boiled alive like lobsters and then they come to me smiling and blistered with skin coming off, cooked down to the bone, then most people won’t recover from the horror of the realization this little girl suffered at the hands of someone they tried to vote in.

I keep seeing George Clooney and his (pretend to love women coz he’s straight) wife.

I don’t know why but he’s been on my mind for a few days now.

It bothers me those two. I’m just putting it out there. He is Hollywood Royalty after all.

But the hardest thing for me to cope with at this moment in time is that I’m going to cross them over, ALL of them. But they won’t go until EVERYONE is here. They don’t want anyone left behind.

The children are waiting to bring the men, and women over so they can all go together.

The children seem responsible for the adults.

I’m seeing females now who went missing in Canada, on that billboard on the Highway of Tears.

Homeless men and women, teenagers, all works of life, all nations and colours.

A lot of little girls and black children, Native Ancestor adults, soldiers, men in uniform like law enforcement, all gathering, all being brought to me by these children who turned up months/weeks/days ago.

They won’t leave until they’re all safe.

Which means I can’t do this on my own. I’m gonna need help.

So I’m going to gather my trusted followers and students in as many countries as I can once this is done and we’re going to cross them all over.

I think it I wouldn’t survive doing millions of Spirits on my own.

Any volunteers would be appreciated.

My brain is trying to make sense of what it’s experiencing and my eyes can’t see anything other than dead people. My balance is off and I’m having a pull to the right like my original time slip episodes from way back when.

I wonder why I’m experiencing things from when I first got used to time slips. Remember when I used to have “gravity issues?”

Well I’m having that. I feel like I’m in a decompression chamber and my subconscious mind is trying to make sense of what my conscious self is perfectly calm about.

My physical self has freaked out totally, but my conscious self is talking to me calmly and telling me to just relax and let what needs to happen, happen.

I did my BP, and glucose levels and they’re perfectly normal. I bought these machines to monitor myself lol nerd or what? My BP was perfectly normal while my heart was pounding out of my chest. So it can’t be because of diet or illness or anything physiological that I’m feeling like this.

I have work to do today and I can’t even sit up without sliding side ways.

It’s like I can literally feel every molecule in my body going to the right but so strong it’s magnetically pulling me and I’m definitely not strong enough to fight gravity.

Nauseated beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before in my life.

And through it all these children smile, laugh and play at being free in the safety of my home.