The New America. What I see

We will see an end to individual state laws and taxes.

All the States will live under one law and only businesses will pay taxes.

All drugs will be legal. It will be about personal responsibility.

Schools will be optional and parents will be encouraged to stay home or work from home to raise the family as a unit.

There will be better support for Father’s rights. The children won’t ALWAYS go to the Mother’s. The system will be fair and just for the best interest of the children.

Couples will be encouraged to work on the family unit. The youth of today have people like Kim Kardashian as role models for marriage.

But the wholesome family unit will be promoted instead. It has been proven across the board children raised with 2 parents grow up happier and more rounded.

That’s not to say people will be expected to stay together if they’re unhappy for money or anything.

What I mean is people will be educated better about making better choices. Girls won’t open their legs at 15 and get pregnant to kids who do the same thing at 12. Because statistically if your Mother has you under the age of 20 you have a higher chance of having a child under the age of 20. That’s kids having kids. That’s why our society is so fucked up.

Babies can’t be getting born into a world of poverty because a girl couldn’t close her legs for a boy who talked her into not wearing a condom.

That’s abuse in my opinion. And Grandma now has another mouth to feed at 34, with no job or working 3 jobs, and no man to support her.

What a horrible existence for all involved.

For the Father’s that do skip out of their responsibilities legitimately, (and not like these poor men who are demonized by some spiteful female who’s punishing him for the break up by playing him against his kids and keeping their children from their Dad which is one of the things I can’t stand about women. We are vindictive, spiteful, nasty crones when we’re hurt or bored. I can’t even put an lol in there because I’m not even joking. I hear more horror stories from men about women that I ever do women about men. Not to say men aren’t the same. We have all categories of everything in both sexes.

But the saying “Hell hath no fury like a women scorned” was said for a reason.

So custodial laws will be fair on both genders for the sake of the child.

It will be the community that helps decide.

Neighbors will be asked to help make informed decisions about the decision as it does indeed take a village to raise a child. Neighbourhoods will be richly diverse. People will take pride in their homes again. So….

For example. Mum and Dad might be getting a divorce and they both want custody of the children.

Primary care will go to either both or one parent based on a collective panel of neighbours who know the couple’s habit.

Do they fight enough or loud enough the neighbourhood could hear them?

We’re the children always looking fed, happy, socially respectful (ie show signs of trauma) when out in the public?

Did/do they have parties?

Were the emergency services every called? If so how often and why?

Infidelity etc…..?

I know it sounds like we’re all going to be spying in each other but we will be a different society. We will be made to start taking responsibility for the society we live in.

If you don’t work you will get citizens wages and you won’t get nice things like those who work and get citizens wages.

However citizens wages will be optional. I myself said if I was wealthy I wouldn’t take one. If I was comfortable I’d put it into a retirement fund but if I was rich I would opt to put it back into my community or my national coffers.

Because the elderly and single parents who have no qualifications will be doing the jobs in the services industry it means people will no longer need to work because they have to. Which means they’ll be free to do the things they love. So you’ll see entire towns and villages opening up again because people will be encouraged to open that little cafe they always dreamed about opening, or the book store, or paint and sell them at the market or gallery, grow vegetables, write a book, follow their passion. Which means they’ll be happier. Which means suicides will drop.

Factories will open up again because people will be encouraged to while trade with foreign interests, buy American made.

Free market capitalisation will be key to global growth. Yes some businesses will fail but that’s because the owner didn’t make better choices. That’s their lesson to learn.

The emergency and health services will only be used when necessary. So no people going to A&E because they hurt their back picking up a newspaper. That’s what a GP is for.

New Zealand is like that. You can’t just roll up to A&E unless your bleeding or been sent by a Dr or a bone is sticking out.

Prescriptions will be free but alternatives will be available. GPS will know Natural therapies too or have someone in the clinic who does. But only the stuff we know to be scientifically proven to work. Like Coconut oil for indigestion, H pylori virus in the gut, it unsweetened natural yoghurt for thrush, or Apple Cider vinegar and water for UTIs, snail goo for warts, etc….

Shelter, Food, Education, Heating and Water will be a basic human right.

They’ll start the car industry up again.

Movies and music will be made for love by people who have actual talent and not really good marketing people.

Religion will be by choice and sportsmen and women will only get paid absorbent wages for barely being arsed to kick a ball.

Your wage will be performance based.

Anyone will be allowed to sell their music, movies, games etc….on the open market.

Free market capitalisation is the only way to weed out the quality from the waste of time.

It will be cruel that some people will have their dreams crushes but when we are now living in a world where best friends are being banned from schools to remove exclusivity from class it’s about time we lived in one where people like Lady Gaga and J Lo “Actually neither of you can sing”.

I’m tired of mediocre or controversial for the sake of controversy being the influence for my children. I’m sorry but fuck feelings.

Political Correctness turns us Fascist.

First it’s don’t speak, then feel, then think, then watch, then read, then hear then your offered fewer choices then those choices become one choice. Which is do as I say not as I do. Sound familiar? These are the times we are living in people.

That’s called Fascism.

“I’m allowed to destroy your career and livelihood because I’m a girl and you offended me because the boys toilets were up front in the mechanics workshop (where women hardly enter) and the females were in the back… because you don’t like women”.

No….it’s because your being a spoiled, entitled Dick. Get over it.

Feminists are people who got no attention from men not because they’re female, but because they’re spoiled, lazy, unimaginative, boring, princesses who have no real purpose and nothing to offer society as a whole so they blame men for them being a bit shit at their job, under qualified or a bit of a moany dick. And instead of saying ‘You know what? Of course it makes sense in an industry dominated by men (because most women don’t do cars……well except me lol) the women’s toilets are at the back where it’s private and away from a large male populi’ she complained on social media, cried all fuckin offended and shut the poor man down destroying his life, his family now suffer, his employees and their families suffer, the community suffer because they now have to travel further to get serviced and the local economy suffers because that’s less revenue being spent locally.

The cafe, bakery, supermarkets all lose customers because there is less people working in the area, so they all suffer too etc….being a Dick has consequences and there is no greater pain in the ass than the feminist dick.

So America will lead the way in Giving Zero Foxes about feelings. Lol

They will lead the way along with Russia in space exploration but Science is where America will excel.

They’ll fund Science not war. It’s going to change the face of medicine, aeronautics, transport etc….. Europe will be behind in so many ways.

No government. The white house will become a historical building, as will the pentagon etc…no military apart from Customs and Borders, Law Enforcement, and Coast guard etc…they will be neutral. Other countries will be left to sort themselves out apart from in times of famine or disaster.

There will be a panel of people like Trey Howdy, Jason Chavez, Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, minded balanced, fair, intelligent men who will represent their country on behalf of the people.

Those men along with Julian Assange, Edward Snowdon and Milo Yannopoulous are the bravest men in history and my personal heroes.

My heroes had always been Sir Isaac Newton, James Clark Maxwell and Nikolai Tesla, and Mary Seacole

But I have modern day heroes too. Mary Seacole is my idol. I try to model myself after her in her approach to staring adversity in the face when trying to look after the men in her world. It was she who turned me into the alternative therapies and she died in 1881 so it’s always been in us to use it.

She’s Jamaican, Scottish and like me with my island roots it was her Jamaican roots that taught her the ability to heal with plants and such.

I model myself after her….she is the epitome of what a positive female role model is.

So America has the 1950s progressive futurist Jetsons period coming up.

Think Back to the Future lol but no-one is a dick and people are happy like in the future at the end of AI.

And I get to be a part of that movement to get there because I get to see it first and predict it.

My headstone will read.

“HA!!! Told ya I was right”