Why we dream is perfect Science.

So….I’m in my thinking state now and have been trying to figure out why three of my students are having identical dreams.

I’m discovering that the closer I am to someone the more they seem to dream about me.

The dreams are prophetic and some of my former students started dreaming about me too.

So…..I’m thinking thinking and started a discussion with Spirit and this then started a conversation with my senior and the file marked Dreams was completed in my brian.

This is what Spirit taught me….

The reason why we sleep is to shut the body down, putting it in a state of suspended death.

This is why your Spirit Elder is most active at night. Because as your body begins to shut down preparing for sleep your conscious self which is also controlled by left brain then senses and reacts to the fact your Spirit Elder is around.

We choose our moment of death apart from in sleep state because the conscious, physical and subconscious selves aren’t aligned and agreeable.

There is zero control because the conscious can’t make the subconscious react with a physical to act it out. ie “lift your arms and defend yourself from attacker”.

So if your conscious self wakes up before the physical self wakes it’s called Sleep Paralysis.

If your body wakes up before the conscious self does it’s sleep walking.

Both equally as dangerous both equally as able to kill you causing SADS or Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. The adult version of cot death or SIDS Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

This is why your Spirit Elders role cannot involve personal contact unless your life depends on it.

This is why they resort to touching you or scaring you awake. Because it’s quick and effective.

They do it to save your life.

So…we dream because it slowly prepares the body to wake up naturally. It’s your alarm clock essentially.

We ALWAYS wake up from a dream and only remember the dreams we have in colour because when we sleep we are in time itself. The very fabric of everything in the universe is held together by time.

Being tired is embarking, sleep is flight, dreams prepares the body for touch down and waking up is disembarking essentially.

We remember the dreams we are meant to. Déjà vu is when you see your future, because your in all time and you see a thread in the fabric of it and remember it when you wake up.

We exist in all time and remember a piece of it.

Every other dream can be interpreted or are visits with loved ones in Spirit.

I asked them ‘why are dreams so confusing to interpret?’ ‘Why can’t they be as simple to understand like precognitive dreams?’.

And Spirit said ‘When you sleep, your light, so it’s simple, because you see the tracks of time and the choices you make clearly. But when your awake your subconscious has while recorded the experience is now in a physical state that can’t make sense of it, so it tries to make sense of it as best it can so it goes into a primative form of interpretation like early man did. Dream interpretation comes because over the course of man’s history we learned and passed down from ancestor to ancestor what each dream meant. Like your (my) ancestors did.’

So….there you have it.

Why we sleep, why we dream and why our dreams aren’t easy to understand.

Our ancestors were Ancient prophets. They understood better than anyone, the connection to our heritage.

Ancestry and remember our ancestry is imperative to our Spiritual growth.

The connection never dies when they do. Our connection won’t die in our death either.

I never understood back in 2005 why the last words I spoke to my dying Mother back home in New Zealand before I kissed her goodbye for the last time was “I’ll see you in my dreams”.

She lit up like a Christmas tree, looked at me and said “Perfect”.

Now I know why. She was waiting for me to figure it out in 2018 back in 2005.

Makes sense right?

See what happens when I think?

Now if I could just get paid to think and learn from the dead and teach it to the world lol

So death is the process of giving the physical and subconscious time to prepare for the conscious awakening.

Death is the reverse of sleep. It’s not so we can step into time like sleep but so we can become it.

How we die is just as important as when or why we are dying.

It signifies the journey we took to get there and the lessons that can be learned from it.

If you die on your knees at the hands of a loan shark then your gonna see where you went wrong in your life choices and correct them next time.

It’s ALL relative.

It’s all relative to time. It is the comet and the sneeze.

(If you remember my analogy).

I love the conversations I have in my head lol

My Dead rock. The Dead just get me. They know my mind.

And I get to out the file marked Dreams away.