Why I’m proud to be delusional

I’ve been hearing this a lot lately. It makes me so proud.

Because I’m scaring people with my drive to have everything I want.

Firstly, I’m Scorpio. If you know anything about Astrology, you’ll know I’ll get everything I want because I’m Scorpio. I want what I want and I get what I want.

My accusation of bring delusional is because I dream, plot and plan everything in detail.

I know how I want it to go, I manifest it and then sometimes either I get it as I want it or I’ll nearly get it and my course of direction changes. I get called delusional because I dream, plan and plot BIG.

But even if my path veers off I still get what I want. It’s just that sometimes what I think I wanted when I started isn’t what I wanted by the end of me getting it.

But I get the dreamer accusation too. But it gets me what I want because I understand how this all works now.

Because I know how to deal with life, and plan my future, it manifests what I want.

But you need to understand, without dreaming, you can’t manifest your reality. See….

I’ve been looking at older posts and I have all these big plans that never happened or changed course.

But not once in looking back on that journey do I regret having experienced them. Because without going through them I would never have figured out what it was my compass was searching for all along.


The needle of a compass has to pass many points to get to North and life is no different.

I started dreaming of students, then a book, then radio show, then TV, etc…..

But while I don’t do the radio show anymore I can go back if I want to. But I’m having so much fun and had I of stayed at the radio station I wouldn’t be a Psychic Therapist, working on my Non Profit Life Beyond and my business Beyond Life.

Once I knew what I had to do in December, my compass is a big fat hard-on for North.

Now I’m writing more, reaching more people. My following has grown on social media and I’m really making an impact on people on my social media outlets like BoobTube (I call it BoobTube because in my old videos my boobs are bigger than the wall behind me lol (dem bitches gotta get in on the action).

I’m getting dick pics and haters but ‘Meh’……plus I’m honing my gift now.

I’ve mastered the physical time slip stuff, I understand the signs, symptoms, how to deal with it after etc….you were with me the entire time readers lol you watched me go through it lol

Now I’m on the mastery of conscious control because it’s not just my conscious self I have control over. If I read someone, I read EVERYTHING. Conscious, subconscious and self physical self etc…..it is so cool because people pay me to get “ready” and read them or their pets lol by read I mean. Read their energy. What they’re feeling, going through, etc….not predict and how to fix it.

It’s so cool.

But had I of kept the show and other students I’d have no time to do any of this which I love SO much.

My boys, my Veteran and Serving Boys, my homeless and good boy turned felon, my betrayed and alone, had I never of let that dream go I wouldn’t have Life Beyond.

My husband wouldn’t be doing his Associates Degree in Business Management to help me run the companies once he’s out.

I’m gonna contact some friends I know in California who know about mortgages and real estate. Very dear clients and friends of mine, I’ve got Brothers in New York in construction I want to get together with for construction purposes and I’m gonna get these boys off the streets, off addiction and off suicide watch and give them purpose again.

Give them something to focus on. Help rebuild America. Take pride in being male again. Be Men again.

If I hadn’t of started with one dream, it wouldn’t of become what it is now. My small fantasy of that back there, became this.

Now I’m saving people’s marriages, lives and finances because I now have since December been able to focus on the bigger picture not just a piece of the puzzle.

My cleansing predictions are being talked about in the White House. Either Spirit are THAT good or I’m being watched.

Either way, without one dream, I would have the reality of this wonderful new life I have.

My tragedies are triumph’s and I understand now.

I’m delusional to you. But to me my delusions create reality so I’m ok with being delusional.

Maybe I just scare you because I’m not afraid to live my reality and you are.

But delusional or not…..I’m right.

My theory works.

I understand how to be happy now. It’s so liberating. I need to write my book. I started but I’ve become really busy doing what I love.

Now I just need the income and I’ll be able to move to America.

I’ve decided with being in New York, I’ll either be called a New Zealander or New Yorkian.

See what I did there? *Raised eyebrow*……….I mixed New Zealand with New York to make New Zealander or New Yorkian. Lol

My son’s are Scotlanders or Skiwis.

So don’t worry if you don’t get what you started wanting. It doesn’t mean you didn’t get it, it just means you weren’t meant to have it, for something you were meant to have and if you make good choices, what you are meant to have will be so much better than what you started wanting in the first place.

So dream away.