This Flu Pandemic. Do NOT drink the water.

Take Zinc tablets every day.

Keep away from the tap water. PLEASE!!! Bottled only. Avoid public door handles and railings.

But please…….keep away from the tap water. Don’t even cook with it.

Just DON’T drink the water from ANY tap and take zinc every day.

Do NOT take Vitamin C. Too much can cause Auto immune disease.

Only drink the water you know to be Natural Spring.

Contrary to popular belief you don’t need 8 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated. You just need 8 glasses of liquid. Can be milk, tea, coffee, wine, etc….it all has water in it. It’s just water is pure, therefore better for you. Definitely cook in bottled water.

We cook in Spring water (boiling kettle including) and drink Sparkling mineral water.

Zinc is all you need. And NO and I can’t write this enough but NO vaccines.

This is biological. They’re trying to weaken the chain and shorten the link.

I had it for 24hrs. My ex has had it for over a month.

Everyone I’ve spoken to since Xmas has had it.

I said they’d get us through the water at the same time I said David Cameron would resign.

I said Flu too. It’s in these feeds somewhere. I know I wrote about it.

Hopefully some of my followers will have it.–How-tap-water-damage-brain-blind-kill-you.html

These articles are just proof it goes on. I just know what my dead say. They say don’t drink the water.

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