The Weapon I saw that implodes the ground with sound

I want to share with you something I saw years ago.

I spoke about it before but it will be in one of my many diatribes.

I kept being shown these men in the desert in lab coats and clip boards.

There was a shed type….hanger looking thing some were standing in and the men with clip boards stood outside it.

The men inside then we’re hit with a wave of energy that hit the ground from up high and the earth underneath it imploded in on itself.

Like,… burst up like a circular round explosion of ground but where there was no debris apart from the bodies of the men who had been crushed and flung up then brought back down on top of the crater.

So imagine when water comes up from the ground it bursts up then down? But dirt, and a crater and where sound is the explosion.

I don’t know if the men were supposed to die. But the men with clipboards didn’t seem bothered by the 3 men who died.

It looked like they’d just died in a minor accident.

The debris, broken soil and tarmac etc……were all perfectly contained and it was perfectly circular.

On the surface it looked like something hit the ground from a distance or great height.

But in fact the sound while coming from above, and exploded from under the ground, to the untrained eye it looks like something hit the ground leaving no trace of shrapnel.

I wrote about it in here. I’m just too lazy to go look for it lol it’s exhausting thinking, remembering and seeing shyte lol

I need to get paid to just do this all day but in New York with my family.

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