The dead children keep coming.

I woke up with a headache. It’s 6.15am but I’ve been awake since 5am.

Trying to make sense of why so many children are here.

It was 1 a day, then about 6 a day and I wake up to about 9 just in my room

All ages and ethnicities. I really truly feel like they’re being killed because of panic. I think these babies are PizzaGate victims.

I’m not even making this up. These children are telling me things and it’s getting really hard to handle.

Some of these children will NEVER be found.

Check the islands. The uninhabited islands.

This one boy doesn’t leave my side. It’s breaking my heart because these beautiful children are happy they are dead because it is better than what they had in life.

I feel their bodies wracked with pain, I know what they think, I know what they’re feeling.

It’s getting harder to cope. I think I need to release this because it’s gonna weigh me down if I don’t.

These children are afraid to cross over and I know why.


Their captors are killing them to get rid of evidence.

Including the babies they carry. The Baby mill ones I mean, of the victims they’ve had for so long they’re of age.

I hope this ends soon.

One of them, a beautiful teenage boy of about 13 just keeps saying “The Caribbean” ….over and over.

I think there is an island or hidden area in the Caribbean where they take the ones they want to keep but it’s like The Island of Doctor Moreau kind of place.

There are islands people think are uninhabited, but they are.

The best go here. Preserve them almost.

This boy is beautiful. His lion like golden hair and brown eyes. He’s flawless. He didn’t talk to me until the other day. He’s been coming to me for ages.

Remember I said he came up to my bed and he looked like my son but older a few months back?

I’ve been talking about the children Spirits for a while.

Now my boys see them. My house is flooded. I said it’s like they think I’m a safe house.

Speaking French, Dutch, German etc…. mostly American but they’re a mixture maxture of nationalities.

Now I know WHY I’ve been seeing them.

One little girl of about 2 had no skin….but then she did.

She looked like Boo from Monsters Inc but her hair was lighter.

You know we live in bad times when Children, who next to dogs are the HAPPIEST things EVER are happy their dead.

We gotta drain this swamp. I don’t know how much more I can take.

Psychologically it’s hard, emotionally it’s hardest.

I know it sounds horrible but it wouldn’t affect me as much if they were adults. It’s the fact they’re little Spirits, our most sacred gift I can’t handle.

And I’m a Mother with kids that age….and one of them looks like my son but older.

This boy, when I first met him sat behind my stairs in the book corner (I homeschool and we have a corner for books and crafts, maths posters, solar system chart’s basically a library….they have story books and reference books, educational ones) Meccano, and Lego barrel live there too…and he used to sit there with his knees up, hands wrapped around his knees, tucking himself in. Bullet in his forehead.

He’d peek up over the ledge when I’d be in the bathroom. I’d see him through the mirror. When I turn around he’d duck. Then he plucked up the courage to stand at my door (apart from children it is VERY rare for the dead to come into my room. They knock or stand at the door believe it or not lol they’re so polite) and then he slowly made his way to my bed, now he doesn’t leave my side. He refuses to pass because he’s waiting for siblings. He said they’re killing the older ones because they can possibly fight back but it’s just a matter of time before they’re with him. Don’t quote me on this but his siblings could be twins, or they’re close in age 4 and 5 1/2 kind of thing.

I just let him take his time getting close. It took about a year and a half I’d say. I’ll need to check my posts.

I don’t force myself on the dead or Spirit if they turn up.

I knew this boy was traumatized when I laid eyes on him. I let him take the time he needed to get to know me.

I say ‘communication with the dead is accepted, not expected’

My head is pounding. Woke up with a headache….you know what that means.

I’m singing like a canary me…….but I have to. No-one else can give these babies the voice.

I really hope the White House are reading my blog. I know China are lol

If they are then I’d also like to say please keep your children away from traveling in the same vehicle together.

The daughter Ivanka and the youngest Baron is it? I always see them near a black car. It has a off coloured black roof, it comes from the left….the flash. I can’t see it all in full picture because the plot hasn’t been decided.

It’s like I’m seeing a plan on how to possibly do it is being formulated.

Because I hear a man wearing a bad Hawaii shirt looking out of place in the shirt saying “We could do it like this………pause…….he comes from the left and assuming he’s quick he could get a couple shots in on the girl and kid…or we could put something in the car….which is messy but more effective….but your right, it’s obvious, people are used to assassinations right?…. laughing……it’s tradition…..(doing that Italian American finger hand gesture like they pinching the air with their hands upside down). So he’s Italian American this man lol

Just protect those Babies. They’ll pin it on Anti Trump supporters I think, or they will try to. Domestic not foreign I should say rather.

For the most part I don’t think it’s successful though because I’ve never seen coffins. When I see coffins it means killed. But I worry about the psychological impact this would have on the little one, the boy. Because I think someone does get hurt or worse.

Veterans and Armed Forces will be Domestic Heroes.

They’re good boys. I have a soft spot for Marines and Coast Guard’s myself. New Bern, North Carolina is my stomping ground lol

I love their dedication to duty and country. It’s hot.

Its gonna be like a scene out of a movie how this all plays out.

That’s why I’ll sit with popcorn.

It’s poetic. Just remember “We Are The Fight Club”. Remember ok?

I’m gonna be sick….. excuse me.