Planet Earth Is Acting REALLY Strange. My Dead were RIGHT AGAIN

What did I say? Just the other day about the weapons they have? But some of its real. Those BOOMS, are the devices they’re using to start the weather anomalies.

And also I said years ago “Before the pinnacle of the cleansing hits earth will see a spate of natural disasters”.

I also said Earth was making sounds.

Not so crazy now am I? I could hear the planets. They’re getting ready.

The dog is getting ready to start biting and scratching at the fleas on its back.

Earth talks to me and so do the other planets. The sun will be kicking off too. Earth always plays up when the Sun is upset. I feel it, they have a tune, a hum. Each hum, or vibration means something different.

This is why metaphysics is so important. My teacher was a world renowned Metaphysician and she taught me everything.

Now I breath with earth.

Just don’t be fooled by the UFOs. Remember Project Blue Beam. They don’t used coloured lights, and their craft don’t have sides or corners.

But in all I’d say I told you so and you thought I was nutser than I actually am.

My dead were RIGHT….. again