It happened again

I had my headphones on, lifted my head and I was in that bedroom again but this time there was a dresser drawer in front of the window with a TV on it.

The wall wasn’t painted though.

It was the same bedroom as before too but not painted.

So I wonder if we move into an apartment that slowly gets painted and done up as we live in it.

My husband is a painter, decorator, tiler, everything man by trade so it would make sense.

And he said once that he wants the walls painted colours and ever white or green. So….

The weird thing is how my brain reacts when it happens.

I’m consciously aware that my brain is like ‘Huh? Woow…..adjust……adjust… something isn’t right…….what the hell….take it in, take it in…..Aaaand we’re back to normal….what did you remember?….scan your memory and remember what you saw…..grab your phone and write it down….good……’

I physically feel the confusion and reasoning lol it’s so cool.