If you have large amounts of money in one place….

I suggest you move it or divide it up into smaller ones.

Remember the 3 Ss……. be wise, be logical.

You can make money safely where it helps humanity and makes you wealthy therefore negating any greed or karma factor. By which I mean, you can make money being a good person.

Money’s not bad if it’s made wisely and for the right reasons.

It’s not a bad thing to make money. All Spirit care about is how you make it and what you do with it once you have it that.

Money can come from good sources.

It’s just right now we’re not ready to live in a world without money. Everyone will just manifest what they want to work for or earn.

And do NOT go buying any houses just yet. Wait at least a year.

After the cleansing they won’t be able to give them away free in a box on a street corner.

Make wise choices.

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