I need equipment

If I had better equipment I’d stick a gopro on my head and live stream my ramblings of all these predictions and things I see as they happened.

I could take questions, like on the Facebook pages I’m on, and do live shows.

Then you’ll see I’m not making me up lol

I need donations and sponsorship.

I’m just SO bad at asking for it lol

My predictions are coming true, weekly almost as the cleansing pinnacle happens.

How fun to get it all live lol

Coz every one of my articles and plurps is me feeling the urge to type what I’m told to say.

I’m totally out of control right now. Even I can’t control me.

Imagine if I just spoke on camera instead, as it happened.

Because I talk to Spirit and the Dead 24/7 and often out loud lol

I think constantly and see….. constantly.

How fun lol

It would be Me but MORE!!! 😈🤡🤓