So… the weirdest thing just happened

I wake up around 4am………and my day begins. I have a ritual.

So I put my headphones on, did my ritual and lay back to “connect” for the day.

That’s me checking in on the boss. Scan my memory to see if I planted something to remember about the night, ie did I see any dead? Did Spirit connect? I know this sounds nuts but it’s just how I function.

Once I’ve scanned my memory, I check my emails, touch base with my kids (Students), refresh my Twitter, book appointments, etc….then I do my thing, and lay back with my headphones on while I’m waiting to switch my sub conscious over to my conscious self.

That means I’m connecting my pineal gland in to time so I can see time and those who exist within it.

Sounds nuts….but hey….go big or go home right? Lol

Aaaaanywho….I lifted my head to move my Totoro standing outside a TARDIS cushion (coz all girls love Japanese anime and Dr Who right?)…..

And in a split second I was laying in a bed next to my husband.

There was a brown painted wall with a white window frame on the right.

He was asleep on my right side. The room smelt new, or fresh….it was a large window to the left and smaller window that opened to the right in the one frame.

I could see a tiled roof top of my neighbor next door. There was a wardrobe on the wall with mirrors and it was sliding ones I think.

It felt like an older house or apartment that was UP not ground floor. But it was being slowly decorated. Modernised.

I knew it was spring or early summer. I KNEW it was him.

It didn’t even feel weird. It felt….like it was always meant to be like this.

It felt like home.

But it’s happening a lot now, my brain gets shocked when it realizes it’s not in America because it’s like I’m there all the time.

Case in point was when I was having a bath in my 30yr old house last Saturday.

It was freezing and my water was so yummy hot. I had my head under water and brought my head up and I was in a totally different bathroom.

It had white with black tiles walls, no windows that I saw but there might have been one behind me. It was a square bathroom with a chunky sink and taps like an art Deco style. The bath was a deep round one. The taps were old chunky ones you had to really grip to turn.

The bathroom was small, cozy even but it was nice.

I had a pink dressing gown hanging on the door and the door was almost hitting my right arm the room was that small.

BUT!!! I was so happy. I didn’t care. I was warm and in New York. The house felt so toasty.

In my house in Yorkshire, having a bath in winter is horrible because we have shit heating in this house.

It’s falling apart and so getting out of the bath in this cold is an ordeal.

But…..I mean……it’s a bath…….there is nothing better.

But this apartment was so warm, I was content and it felt good.

In conclusion, I think we get an apartment first then move to something bigger after my man’s home.

Let’s see shall we?