Am I being watched?

So… Bluetooth keeps turning itself from my headphones to Alexa in my bedroom.

I’m getting woken up by my screen making that “swipe screen” sound then Alexa turns on.

Then the day after I said about QAnin my phone’s Cortana on Skype says “Since the last time we spoke……can I suggest… something about my microphone settings”.

But I hadn’t spoken to Cortana. I’ve never used it and actually disabled the system from my phone as soon as I got it.

Whenever I make phone calls on my mobile there is a beeping sound just before the call connects but after I dial and the battery is draining fast.

100% could last all day, now it’s lasting maybe 6hrs.

My phone is only a year old.

I have my VPN on my phone.

My phone is doing mad stuff.

And I feel eyes on me. I’ve been saying it since September. “I feel someone watching me”.

I know what they look like.

Ironically I tweeted a few weeks ago that they should turn Hillary’s camera on on her phone and look to see if her foot is still sore. Lol