Why Choices are difficult to make.

When you look at life and death the way I do there is a very fine line between reality and actuality.

By which I mean I live between worlds of existence. What I see and what I live are different.

The reality of what I live isn’t the same as what I actually see in reality. 

It’s something that nobody will ever understand and I am judged for it constantly. 

People try to change me to suit themselves because the reality of me is different to what I actually am as a person.

People have this idea of who they think I am but then the complex side of myself comes out and the reality of me becomes changed because what they’re actually seeing is something they don’t understand so they begin to repel from me.

It’s a type of demagnetisation of atoms that no longer have any charge if you will so the relationship dies.

Loyalty is magnetic. Love is magnetic. Attraction is magnetic. Our universe relies on magnetism because it expands and creates and pushes or progresses something forward.

Making decisions that affect your life or the lives of others is a huge responsibility.

What you choose to do or say next decides how time plays out for the rest of times existence.

What you choose to do affects not just your time line, but others as well.

If you make the right decision, everything falls into plays like a domino effect. 

If you make the wrong decision, it can hang around you like a concrete slab around your neck pulling you down. It can be your sword of Damocles. It can pull you backwards like a vacuum and stagnate your growth.

It can be the hardest thing to do to let go of someone you love, or to let go of a dream, or wish or plan. It hurts so bad to make the decision to leave.

But if your putting yourself in a situation where your needing to think twice about it, your not doing it for the right reasons.

You can do the wrong thing for the right reasons and the right things for the wrong reasons but if you have to think twice about it, your Spirit, your soul, the Universe, is trying to tell you it’s not right, and to think again.

The Universe needs expansion in order to go forward. Getting everything in that universes balance just right is imperative to this expansion.

So you being happy with the choices you make is critical to the cause.

When a decision is hard to make, it’s because so much is riding on the outcome.

Your Spirit is in turmoil about which path to take next in order to have the best outcome for their human experience.

When your left brain comes in with voices of doubt and reason it disconnects you from your intuition. It is like a magnet pulling you away from North.

When you make the right decision it feels right and is done without hesitation.

You will then almost immediately know you made the right decision because you feel lighter, happier, In a brighter place and everything starts to fall into place.

Your Spirit or higher self knows how crucial making these decisions are and a million times a day has to make decisions that set forward in motion your existence in all time.

What you choose to do next decides your fate in every conceivable way.

Every decision you make has an infinite amount of possibilities that come off that one decision.

So there is a lot of pressure. Your Spirit is in the driving seat. It makes every decision you’ve ever made but sometimes our left brain interferes like a magnet next to a compass.

So how you make sure you always trust the decision you make is to always trust your gut.

That’s your compass. And remember, if ever you have second thoughts about something, you know it’s not right. Right decisions are done without hesitation.

Your Spirit is basically on a game show where the right answer wins them prizes every time they get a right answer.

I had to make some big choices this year. Ones that upset a lot of people. But I had to go with my gut and it’s been the best thing I ever did. I’ve grown so much in such a short amount of time.

So much has changed in a year. I thought I knew the direction I was going in with the people I thought I needed to do it with and everything changed once I had decisions to make.

I put so much off for so many months because I didn’t want to upset anyone. I feared losing them, income, friendship, love, reputation etc…..until I realised what was important.

What I am to people is important. What I need to do to help these people is more important. Having my family together is most important.

I had to lighten my load according to my Spirit. It chose to lighten my load. My teacher came and kicked my ass and the Council set my path, once I made the decision to take some bricks out of my backpack.

Now…. everything has changed. I’m making new contacts, I’m getting a steady rise in presence on Social Media, I’m meeting incredible people, helping so many people in such a personal way, I’m developing my work quicker because I have more cranial time, I have more sleep so I’m feeling more energised, I’m happier and because of all of this my gift has changed yet again.

My readings are actually something I’m observing because interesting things seem to be happening on a time based perspective. I wish I could record what I could see in my head and eyes. Because they’re two different things and certainly not what I should be seeing.

But making decisions are hard for a reason. So don’t beat yourself up over it. Just pay your Spirit the respect it deserves by listening to it. It knows your path better. It knows the best outcome.

It’s trying to guide you on the right course of action. Listen to it and remember what I keep saying.

Live for others, make them happy.

Live for yourself, make you happy.

You choose who’s more important to your life journey, them or you?

2 thoughts on “Why Choices are difficult to make.

  1. As they say in county fermanagh parlance, keep er lit’. Translation- keep going!!!

    I’m in the pub on my birthday – have had a few drinks- wish everyone to have a merry and happy new year. X