What it means to be Perfect.

So you’ve been hearing me say this for a few days now.

I say ‘As a human I’m not perfect but I’m getting there’.

What does perfection mean?

It’s a noun which means the state or quality of being perfect.

Look at yourself in the mirror, look into your eyes and be honest with yourself and ask.

Is my life perfect?

Very few people will answer dishonestly.

If they don’t they’re either in denial or a very blessed few in the world.

Well……I am fast becoming the latter.

Because I’ve found the key to happiness.

I’ve had to have my Teacher and the Council come kick my ass that’s how much of an errant emotional teenager I’ve been in the last 2yrs but has it not if happened I wouldn’t be about to embark on thee most exciting journey of my life.

With the help of someone who kind of fell into my lap I’ve been able to see with clarity what has to be done so I can get to America and do what I need to do.

I’m so hell bent on getting my men off the street and the dead helping me make it possible I’m going to raise funds to sit some exams I need to make it possible and I’m shitting a brick about it because I haven’t sat an exam since I did my beauty therapy ones in Australia.

But I’m so excited as well because it’s how more than any other way will it make me Doprah. I just need a show and I’m sorted lol

But the challenge is a turn on. I’m fully prepared to be a hard working woman to get what I want just like any other man

I am determined to put a positive spin on being a woman. A strong independent hard working woman, who stands by her equally as hard working strong independent man. And I have that.

My husband is getting an Associates Degree in Business Management to help me build these homes and stuff for the homeless men. His background is construction. His best friend’s all have construction companies and building skills. He will do this because I don’t have a clue and he’s not to be messed with. He’ll know if someone is trying to rip me off or if the money or materials are sub standard. I will NOT allow dirty money or means by my charity.

Everything near my charity will have full disclosure and the sources of income will be honest.

But my husband and I fight constantly. And we love it. Why?

Perfect balance.

Because neither of us have the fear of losing each other any more we know when we fight it’s releasing pent up no goodness. If it’s in there, it needs to come out.

The difference is, once we fight, the other comes to sort it immediately. Cooling off periods, rethinking, regrouping, explanations giving, apology, then love again.


Because we recognise that the things we don’t like in the other that is a reoccurring issue is a problem with us not them so we both work on self correcting our behaviour and it’s making me, us happier people.

My beautiful husband has changed in the two years he’s been with me so much the courts are considering him for clemency where as before he was called a worthless, waste of society without a conscience.

Never mind that he was doomed to failure from birth.

Well now he’s got an above average GPA and he gives his precious food away to save people from going hungry.

I’m always broke because I’m always using my money looking after him and my boys. I haven’t bought new anything in almost 2yrs. I smoke my weed. That’s enough for me. It learns me stuff lol

But he and I on paper shouldn’t mix, especially astrologically. He are a Gemini. I’m a Scorpio. When your with a Gemini there are three of you in the relationship but Geminis are so good, and kind and protective. I LOVE how protected they make me feel. I’m surrounded by them.

Oh and Animals, Geminis and animals, I swear, they’re all one. A Gemini is a born Natural Telepath.

But his goodness balances out my Scorpio dark side, and my tinge of Scorpio light balances his Gemini naughty out.

We shouldn’t mix, but the type of people we are, the journey he and I have had together makes us a perfect fit.

Not to mention the Telepathic connection.

My body has been plagued with issues since conception but once I observed what my body was trying to tell me I listened and fixed it. It’s not perfect, never will be, but it’s getting there. It’s perfect for what I and my husband need it for πŸ˜±πŸ˜³πŸ˜‡

My children are perfect in every way. They’re loud, messy pains in my bum who I worship in every way for giving me life. They are my God’s, because they created me. The me I am today. I hope you all take good care of them when I turn them over to you. Which should be when I’m dead and I’m living till I’m 150 so…..ya know…….they’re my babies. I’ll let go when I’m dead lol

I have the perfect job for me coming. It’s taken a while to tune myself in to what I was but it was revealed to me the other day. The perfect blend of death helping life and life helping death in return because of my job. I have the BEST job. Especially once I do what comes next.

I’m not perfectly acidemia wise but I’m smart enough to figure out my gift which in turn taught me physics my way.

In a way that is perfect for me. You might be able to learn using numbers but numbers scramble my Brian. Words are my maths. It helps me work stuff out. My equation is the expression of my theory.

I’ve always been a writer. From little stories I wrote in primary school, to debating at highschool, to my overdramatic poetry I wrote as a hormonal angst ridden teen, to the stories I wrote my son’s as I lay dying myself in hospital. To these posts.

That’s why if you have a creator or inspirer as a child, friend or loved one, or around you, encourage them.

You don’t know what they’re working on in those files of thought and creation. Be it fictional or factual.

I’m not perfect but I’m getting there, means I’m striving to achieve what I need to achieve to get the balance just perfect so I can be happy and evolve when I die.
But what’s perfect for me might not be perfect for you and that’s ok.

It doesn’t have to be. It’s not your life for it to matter.

Your life is about how to find the perfect balance. But it only works when your honest with yourself.

It’s a brutal process my two top seniors are going through right now. One started about 2 months ago and the other starts this month. But you come out evolved, and feeling life and losing fear at the end.

It is power. Coming out of all the learning with power.

Remember I say With learning comes knowledge, with knowledge comes wisdom with wisdom comes power.

You lose fear when you gain control over your life. When you know what needs fixing and what needs to be done to fix it.

When your life is shit, pay attention. Be honest with yourself, own up to your part in what’s going wrong. It might not happen overnight but you’ll get there eventually.

There is a way and I’ll talk about that later. But once you define what perfect is to YOU it makes life better than you can imagine.

I’m happier than I’ve ever been and last year was horrible. But once I got my butt kicking from my Teacher and The Council, I paid attention again and stripped back to basics. I saw the good from the bad in everything that happened and it changed my perspective immediately.

With that came clarity. So with the learning came knowledge with knowledge came wisdom, and now comes the power.

Because I figured it out. I’ve put three HUGE files to rest in the last couple of weeks.

I’ve cracked the Empath Code, The God Theory and the Key to Perfect Balance.

So what is the perfect life for me?

Personally, my perfect life is being with the people I love, doing the things I love, to help those I love for those I love, never having to worry about money or health issues in a place I love to call home with the people and pets I love the most at my side as I learn and teach those who love me for who I am doing what I do the most.

I have still a lot to do and learn but as I said “I might not be perfect…..but I’m getting there”.

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